Battle Story - Fan Book 3

Battle Story - Fan Book 3


The Dark Continent Nyx

To an unknown world!

The western continent war ends!! The battle stage heads to the imperial homeland.

ZAC 2100, October–

The western continent war that had unfolded between the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire for one and a half years was drawing to close with the republic army looking to be victorious.

However this planet’s war was not over yet. The republic army still had injuries, and the imperial army had plenty of battle power in reserve. Instead the true war, that lacks mutual existence, was just beginning.

The stage of the new war was the imperial mainland, the continent Nyx. Planet Zi’s northern-most continent that wass spread with inaccessible land like native fortresses.

It was a land of intense cold with brief summers and long winters. Volcanic ranges in all directions were a danger zone that caused constant large earthquakes (ironically the heat energy from the volcanic range was what brought life to Nyx…). For that reason the people of Nyx had a dream of advancing to other continents, and the people of the other continents called Nyx the ‘Dark Continent’ in fear.

Can the Helic Republic Army really restrain this land of darkness and put an end to this planet’s history of war?


Planet Zi was a young planet. It was a young, immature planet where war continued because of the fighting instinct of both people and Zoids.

Strangers from 60,000 light years away came and imparted inappropriate technology to these inexperienced people. The “Earthlings”.

The result was the wholehearted intensification of the planet’s war.

The Earthlings surely could not imagine the hatred and murderous intent of their brothers on this kindred planet.

On Planet Zi there once existed three powerful countries. The Guylos Empire, with their mainland on the dark continent Nyx; the Helic Republic on the central continent Delpoi; and the fallen Zenebas Empire, who once competed against the republic for dominance of the central continent. The defeated Zenebas soldiers were absorbed into the Guylos Empire and the people became citizens of the republic. Were they able to be happy with that? The answer is no. The dearest wish of the officers and men who had been chased from their hometowns was to return to the central continent and rebuild their fatherland.

It has been about 50 years since the downfall of the Zenebas Empire. Their dearest wish is now secretly nearing quiet realisation, thanks to a hero who has inherited Emperor Zenebas’ blood, a man by the name of Wolff Muroa. Nevertheless in order to be called the true emperor, heaven has delivered him a test. A test named Ray Gregg, a man who will become Wolff’s lifelong rival…

Battle Story Vol.2
The Successor to the Imperial Throne

During the End of the Western Continent War…

ZAC 2100, October. North Europa, Imperial Army Nixie Base.

During the main withdrawal operations your mission is transferral of that small Zoid. Execute this mission with maximum priority and absolute secrecy.

Good luck, Wolff. The dearest wish of our countrymen, one that has covered 50 long years, is to forget this ‘broken peace’.

(From Imperial Regent Gunther Prozen’s coded commands)

An Elephander battalion sortied amidst the hustle and bustle. The roar of 100 of these state-of-the-art, heavily armoured Zoids was courageous enough to cause a tremble. However their wish was not to return alive. They wished to become shields. Shields that earned time for the main force to retreat…

ZAC 2100, October. The war of the western continent Europa was approaching its closing situation. The Republic Destroyer Corps, with an Ultrasaurus at the centre, penetrated the empire’s defence line. They began bombing Nixie Base, the imperial army’s most important base. The destroyer force was composed of only strengthened remodelled Zoids. At the centre, the power of the Ultra’s 1200mm ultra cannon was tremendous and—without being wounded—it destroyed the main equipment of the base where the command headquarters were located.

At Nixie Base there were still tens of thousands of imperial Zoids that had escaped outside or to the underground hanger. Most of those units were damaged and the command system was in extreme disorder. The imperial army had already lost the power to protect the base from the large republic force. As a result, the imperial headquarters in the homeland finally decided on a total withdrawal from Europa. They planned on salvaging the remaining military force. However time was essential to load the remaining units on the transport fleet. Somebody had to become a shield and confine the republic army until escape.

That ‘somebody’ was decided immediately. It would be the soldiers who originated from the Zenebas Empire. Since they had been absorbed by the Guylos Empire 50 years ago, the role of the Zenebas soldiers had become that of disposable pieces.

Although they were comprised of Elephanders, they were given just under 500 Zoids. On the other side, just the first wave of the invading republic force was comprised of 5 divisions (about 5000 Zoids in total). It was a desperate battle. Even so, the morale of the Zenebas soldiers was high. For them this battle was to not let the Guylos soldiers escape.

“For Wolff…”

The Zenebas soldiers murmured uniformly within their chests. They smirked and proceeded toward possible death to protect a single man.

A single man named Wolff Muroa, who had been entrusted with the dream of rebuilding their grand homeland, the Zenebas Empire…

–––– It’s getting hot.

Though he understood, there was uncontrollable anger inside Ray Gregg. With a platoon of a mere 10 Zoids, he lead the way into the depths of the base for the evidence. He had heard the notification.

–––– Arthur Borgman is dead.

That crazy Arthur! The memo he had received before sortieing that morning was unbelievable. Arthur, the highest Zoid pilot. The man that hated death the most. Even though they had the same reputation of ‘Leo Master’, the difference in status was something Ray knew the best. Arthur was the one who had given him insight into his achievements as a Zoid pilot and had helped him rise to first lieutenant. The man Ray owed his life to was dead. His life had fallen away in a battle with the Death Stinger, an evil warrior of the imperial army’s incompetent governing.

–––– Unforgivable, he thought.

Within the Death Saurer revival plan there was the OS (Organoid System) plan. The imperial army, who were releasing new Zoids in rapid succession, seemed to be working on an experiment to win this war. An experiment for some different objective. An objective that had caused Arthur’s death. That was unforgivable to Ray.

Was this the cause? The target Ray had established was not a hanger packed with Zoids, but an underground factory. Two Zoids he didn’t recognise were lined up. Incomplete machines that hadn’t even been given armour. The Empire had once again produced new experimental machines.

–––– We won’t let these be brought back!

With an angry roar from his Shield Liger DCS-J, his favourite machine, Ray sprung on the two experimental Zoids. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a strange thing. A Zoid? It was small, about human-sized. It looked like it had just been dug up from ruins, with half its body buried in soil. Furthermore it appeared as though the factory workers were protecting the strange thing more than the experimental Zoids.

–––– GAN!

Ray was suddenly hit with a shock. It was a strong impact. The dinosaur-type experimental Zoid had unexpectedly activated and trampled on the DCS-J with all its might. It was an unbelievable experience. Ray had been off guard for a moment, and in that moment the experimental Zoid had shaken both him—even as a Leo Master—and his Zoid.


The platoon’s subordinates provided backup so Ray could escape.

––– Run away! With just those Gun Snipers…

Before Ray could finished shouting the Gun Snipers were torn up by the fangs and claws of the experimental Zoid. Three Gun Snipers at the same time. Was this Zoid really incomplete? Was there a Zoid in the republic that could fight this monster? There wasn’t. If it was completed it was probable not even a Blade Liger could make a dent in it. Supposing there was a Zoid that could fight it…

And Ray turned to look at the other experimental Zoid.

Slipping between the legs of the tyranno-type experimental Zoid and dodging shots from imperial soldiers, Ray slipped into the cockpit of the lion-type experimental Zoid. Perhaps it was luck. Perhaps it was because of the withdrawal operations. The main engine had already been fired up. It could be instantly activated. Ray had no trouble starting it or handling it. It had a handling system like that of a Saber Tiger. He had operated captured Saber machines many times.

–––– Good going!

At once he put the engine into a critical state. The monitor lit up. Right in front of him was the tyranno’s face. Its fangs approaching with dreadful speed.

–––– Jump!

He just managed to dodge. The Zoid had astounding response.

–––– My subordinates?

He looked around cautiously. They were not moving. Had they been annihilated? No way. Less than five minutes had passed. Ray’s face became pale. His anger had taken priority over the troops he was entrusted to command and he had involved his subordinates. Moreover, they had become shields to protect Ray. He was unlikely to forgive himself.

The tyranno plunged forward again. This time he couldn’t dodge. It was a strong collision. He was hurled away and thrown into the wall. Slow, as though the reaction from sometime ago was a lie. Again, the tyranno approached.

–––– I was deceived!

For a mere instant Ray was prepared for death, and in the next instant he strongly denied it. He wasn’t able to describe his subordinates’ fate. Yet he didn’t want his life to be ended by that desolate tyranno. And suddenly the lightness of the machine’s body was revived. He easily dodged the tyranno for a second time. It was a dramatic transformation; Ray’s emotions seemed to make a direct connection with the ability of the Zoid.

–––– What kind of machine is this?

This wasn’t an existing Zoid that had had its metallic life instinct suppressed to make it easy to operate; nor was it an OS-loaded machine that was forced into a frenzy. The Zoid’s true wild instinct strongly survived in this experimental machine. It linked with the pilot’s instinct and the reaction rose rapidly.

The tyranno swiftly opened its jaw wide. Frightful energy particles were focusing inside its mouth.

–––– A charged particle cannon!

Ray’s hair stood on end. In that moment the lion reacted to Ray’s instincts and jumped. It brandished its laser claw and attacked the tyranno. It was momentary power that Ray had never before experienced. The swirling particle cannon and the lion’s claw mixed. They passed within a hair’s breadth of each other.

As they passed each other, Ray saw the enemy pilot that was sitting in the exposed cockpit. The face of the man who had buried 10 of his subordinates. It was a young man. He appeared to be about the same age as Ray.

For some reason hatred did not boiled within him. Maybe it was because of the man’s sorrowful eyes. He seemed to be the same as Ray, someone who had lost important people.

The tyranno suddenly turned its back. The timing was as if he had noticed Ray’s fighting spirit weaken. And, grasping the small Zoid, he turned toward the ceiling and jumped up.

Breaking through the ceiling, the tyranno disappeared into military transport that was on standby. Ray, at his wits end, let him pass and was wrapped up in strange deja-vu. He knew a man who once had the same experience as he was having now. Arthur Borgman. It was in a report Ray had read. During a situation where, piloting the Blade Liger, Arthur had fought the Geno Breaker at Garil Ruins and snatched a young Death Stinger. His astonishment resembled Ray’s present situation. Soon after, Arthur was killed by the Death Stinger. It was probably Ray’s destiny also to be killed by that small Zoid. Or will it be that pilot with the sorrowful eyes? The ominous premonition would not leave Ray’s mind.

Five hours later Nixie Base fell into the republic army’s hands. During that time, the imperial army suicide force had continued to hold back the republic army that was ten times larger than them. The Elephanders’ thick armour and e-shields rejected all of the enemy’s fierce attacks, and the people who attempted hand-to-hand combat were pulverised by their dreadful power. Before long the republic army released its heavy artillery force, comprised of Dibisons and Cannon Tortoises equipped with large-calibre beam cannons. Showered in concentrated gunfire, the Elephanders began to fall one by one. However, while the Elephanders were annihilated, the republic army lost valuable time and three times more Zoids than their enemy.

Having succeeded in accommodating the main force, the imperial transport fleet headed out, aiming to the north. The tyranno-type experimental Zoid was onboard a Whale King in the fleet. There were shapes of two men in the officer’s room.

“Colonel. The pursuing republic air force has been obstructed by the Redler suicide units. We are already well and safe,” the elder officer said. It didn’t appear to be a report to a mere superior officer. Kneeling on one knee with his eyes turned down, his attitude was just like he was facing an emperor.

“The ones piloting the Redlers were Zenebas soldiers, weren’t they Zigner?” the young superior officer replied. His voice had no intonation. He was the pilot of the experimental tyranno Zoid.

“Yes. Aside from that, Colonel, weren’t your actions at Nixie Base rash?”

“It was to protect that small Zoid.”

“To us there is nothing more important than you, Your Highness.”

The man named Zigner changed the way he addressed his superior officer. The superior officer replied with a hint of sullenness.

“I understand.”

Captain Zigner Foyer also understood. As sad as it was, fallen countrymen had died for this young officer, Wolff Muroa. He had an honest spirit, satisfied with exposing his own life to danger, but that was too reckless for the person who was to succeed the Emperor. Nevertheless Zigner was unable to deny that he seemed endlessly likeable.

The Power of the Guylos Empire

ZAC 2101, January. North Europa, Republic Army Nixie Base.

The ceasefire recommendation was futile. There are two paths open to us now. Do we give the Guylos Empire time and wait patiently for the days of crisis to visit our fatherland? Or do we enter the enemy’s homeland and defeat Imperial Regent Günther Prozen, the ringleader of this war?

(From Helic Republic President Louise Elena Camford’s speech)

Two months had passed since the battle of Nixie Base. During this time the republic army had all but finished sweeping up the surviving locations of the imperial army on Europa. It looked like the Western Continent War was over, both in name and in reality. Due to this, the republic president Louise Elena Camford directly requested a ceasefire with the imperial army, but imperial regent Günther Prozen, who had succeeded in evacuating the main force, ridiculed and ignored this request.

And on the day of the deadline to respond to the request the sound that echoed around Nixie Base, which now belonged to the republic army, was not a sound that informed of the end of the war. It was a shrill air-raid alarm. The base’s alert radar had detected a large Whale King fleet flying from an altitude of 30,000 metres above ground.

The republic’s air defence force immediately took off. Nevertheless it was impossible to equip the likes of Storm Sworder and Raynos with interception missiles for anti-large-fleet use and have them ascend to such a high altitude.

The Whale Kings leisurely opened their hangers. Countless devils descended from within.

Zabat. A new dive bombing Zoid developed by the empire. These unmanned machines that could be radio-controlled from the mothership descended vertically with speed that pilots could not endure. Unafraid of anti-air missiles or crashing into the ground, they invaded at a super-low altitude and scattered large-type homing bombs like rain.

The republic army took enormous damage. With just this first wave of attacks, the dark continent landing operations that were to be later put into operation were delayed for over a month.

The flagship Ultrasaurus also received severe damage. By means of land battle the imperial army aimed at the place the republic army was regrouping in the sea battle. They received three direct hits and were half-damaged. If they received a second attack they would not be able to hold out against this huge fleet.

That second wave came. The Whale Kings invaded Nixie Base airspace from the same high altitude of 30,000 metres. The commanding officer of Nixie Base made a decision. To release the Salamander.

Salamander. A large flying Zoid that had been secretly deployed by the republic army, who had also envisaged an inter-continent war. It was the republic’s greatest bombing machine that proudly ascended to high altitudes with extraordinary cruising range.

The huge pterosaur-type Zoid, equipped with large-warship-use anti-aircraft missiles, appeared from inside the hanger and soared into the sky. The officers of Nixie Base saw it off with hopeful eyes.

The feeling of hope was shared by headquarters, who had ordered the Salamanders to sortie. That did not mean that there was confidence in the counterattack. It was true that Salamander’s highest ascending altitude surpassed 30,000 m, but that was according to calculated data. Its frequent betrayal of calculations in combat came to mind in this one and a half year conflict. This inadequately tested new machine was burdened with large missiles just below its loading weight so would it reach high altitudes?

“10,000 metres… 12,000… 15,000…”

With the exception of the observer who read out the Salamanders’ ascending altitude moment by moment, the people at headquarters were silent. As the Salamanders passed an altitude of 20,000 metres the pilots felt their Zoid’s acceleration begin to weaken.

“25,000… 26,000…”

The wings, loaded with the highest output Magnesser systems, were also uneasy at this height. The opposition to the magnetic force from the ground almost couldn’t be perceived. Using the jet engines at the same time, the thinness of the atmosphere at this super high altitude was a feeble strain.

“27,000… 28,000… You can do it, Salamander!”

A custom Whale King detected at the top of the monitor prepared for a Zabat airdrop. The Salamander pilots desperately swallowed their impatience and continued to encourage their Zoids.

“28,500… 29,000…”

The lead Whale King finally commenced its airdrop.

“29,500… 30,000! Right, all machines fire missiles!”

The anti-air missiles were fired simultaneously. 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds…. A hit! A Whale King exploded in the soundless high altitude. The explosion continued to the second ship and the third ship. Five Whale Kings in total were sunk and the survivors turned their bows back to the north. Nixie base was rescued from a dangerous spot. However the cheer of the base was momentary. Everyone trembled at the bottomless power of the Guylos Empire.

Evil Warrior Vs Ultimate Wild Zoid!!

ZAC 2101, March. North Europa, Republic Army Nixie Base.

The routine has been established but I am writing this just in case, Wolff. I do not have the slightest intention to die. Not until I see you attain the Emperor’s throne. But then I will not be able to call you Wolff.

(Extract from the testament of Imperial Army 13th Special Task Force 2nd Secret Military Corp’s 2nd Lieutenant Anna Tarles)

The Helic Republic was a wealthy country. Since the great disaster about 40 years ago, they had worked hard on earnest reconstruction. It was said that they had five or six times more national power than the Guylos Empire, who had poured their national budget into war expenditure. All of the republic’s huge financial muscle and industrial power was now being put toward the war. During the start of the war their total war potential, which was less than one third of that of the imperial army, was already far exceeded. The republic army now had the chance to commence the dark continent landing operations. The empire’s technological strength was considered to be five years ahead of the republic. It was unknown what kind of new weapons they would develop if given the time.

On the contrary, concerning the empire, the thing they wanted more than anything was time. They arranged homeland defence preparations and in addition anticipated the completion of their decisive-battle Zoid. Headquarters developed a great strategy; a surprise attack by an experimental Zoid. The strategy was to carry out the combat test at the same time as the sabotage of Nixie Base. The imperial army’s second arrow that would follow the preceding Zabat aerial bombing was approaching from the sea.

At early dawn on a day in the middle of March ZAC 2101, the republic army’s defence line – comprised of the sea Zoid Hammer Head that was believed to be invincible – was penetrated. The enemy was the Wardick; the greatest underwater Zoid in the great old war. Why had this large fleet of Wardicks, a Zoid that had come close to extinction in the time since the great disaster, suddenly appeared in Nixie Sea? It was due to the skill of imperial technology. Technology that forcefully accelerated the division and growth of the Zoid Core with an OS (Organoid System). This meant that it was possible for infinite growth of a wild Zoid.

And if this technology were to advance more? Perhaps it would be possible to resurrect the seemingly dead Zoid cores of destroyed Zoids.

A rain of beam gun and missile fire emitted by the Wardicks poured down on the Nixie naval port. Zoids in the moorings, engineers, various people running about trying to escape were all shrouded in the blaze. When the republic army finally turned to counterattack, the port had been thoroughly destroyed. There was no mistake that the dark continent invasion operations that had been approaching would be furthermore delayed.

Pterases and Raynoses loaded with anti-warship missiles swooped down on the Wardicks, were burning with anger. The Wardick attempted to escape rapidly through the water.

“Don’t let them escape!” The harsh words of HQ resounded. However this was only the first stage of the imperial army’s counteroffensive operations. While the Wardick attracted the attention of the republic army, a more terrifying Zoid was disembarking on the other side of the peninsula.

That Zoid’s name was Death Stinger. The evil warrior that defeated both the beast king Blade Liger and the demon dragon Geno Breaker. It was a relic of the super-ancient civilisation and could infinitely self-propagate by feeding on the cores of other Zoids. It was a devil that was capable of destroying Planet Zi itself.

There were 10 Death Stingers altogether. With the chaos of the Wardick’s raid, they broke into the unsettled Nixie Base.

–––– A way of controlling it can’t be found, development of this evil warrior should be suspended, even in the Empire, so why is it here?

The republic soldiers succumbed to fear. The base fell into panic.

Orders to sortie were passed to the Ray Force. They were a new army division that had been formed for the dark continent landing war. A special unit developed for high-speed manoeuvre battles that was distantly separated from the main force. Rey Gregg was now assigned here.

It was a place he found fitting. As a special unit disconnected from the command system, it would be possible to independently infiltrate into the interior of enemy territory. There they would search for them; the pilot of that tyranno-type experimental machine and the small Zoid. Persistence was something Ray understood. Yet unless he brought the thoughts of his dead subordinates and Arthur Borgman and his obsession with the premonition of his death to an end, he would not be able to advance further as a Zoid pilot.

The shrill emergency alarm was like a kick to the rear as Ray slipped into the Liger Zero’s cockpit. It was the completed form of the lion-type experimental machine that Ray had stolen. The Zero’s special quality was not only the control system that made use of the wild Zoid’s instinct. It was the CAS (Changing Armour System). With a mechanism that appended armour, this ground-breaking system could give a selection of optimum armament for a function. There were 4 armours. The basic form was reproduced from data that was left by the empire. The other three were developed by the republic technology unit: melee-form Schneider, bombardment-form Panzer, and high-speed-form Jäger. Unless there was a special order the form was left to the pilot’s judgement.

Ray’s preference was the basic form. The meagre armour was unpopular with other pilots but without specialisation it was easy to service parts. If it moved according to his thoughts, tough fangs and claws were enough.

“Ray Gregg, sortieing! The target?”

“The Evil Warrior. The empire revived that monster!”

The chance to fight with the enemy that killed Arthur Borgman was suddenly in front of Ray Gregg.

Chaos was at its height outside the hanger. The corpses of a countless number of republic Zoids that had left to intercept the enemy were lying across the ground. If they challenged the Death Stingers that were appearing from underground with a large army then they would not be able to perform tight manoeuvres, and the victims would multiply.

“I can’t retreat!” Ray shouted. He knew how to fight the Death Stinger. He had broken down the simulation based on records recovered from Arthur’s Zoid many times over. The key was to aim at the joints—cracks in the super-thick armour.

Ray’s Zero leapt in. The Stinger’s raging claws intercepted. Fast. It had terrifying reaction speed. An ordinary high-speed Zoid would not have been able to avoid it. But the reaction speed of Ray and the Zero’s instinct exceeded the ordinary. Dodging the counterblow with a paper-thin margin, he soundly bit off the enemy Zoid’s joints. He pierced the belly of the immobile Death Stinger with a finishing blow of his claws.

The Zero sensed the danger. A swirl of light came from behind. It was a charged particle cannon set loose by the second Death Stinger. The Zero kicked at the ground and escaped to midair. There, a rain of shelling fell from above. It was simultaneous bombardment from the Panzer unit. A barrage attack with power that crushed even super-thick armour. The moment the bombardment ceased, the Schneider unit and Jäger unit came in for an assault. Jäger caused a disturbance with its astounding speed and motion ability. From right in front of the Death Stinger, Schneider’s laser blade penetrated the super-thick armour. One by one the Death Stingers were destroyed. The Zero’s power was overwhelming. But…

There was doubt in Ray mind. Was this really was the enemy that Arthur Borgman had fought and died against?

“Killer From The Dark, all units incapacitated!”

Wolff Muroa listened to the reports of the observer from the main bridge of a Whale King that was lurking at the bottom of the ocean near Nixie.

“They were more fragile than expected.”

“The machine’s output had been restrained to 70% just to be sure. What if that was the cause?“ Zigner, accompanying as an aid, answered Wolff’s query that had not contained his usual tone.

“That was only in the hope that we would be able to use the interface, now we can conclude it is okay.”

The interface. It was the small Zoid Wolff had carried away from Nixie Base. This small Zoid that was evacuated on the brink of the fall of Nixie was certainly the final piece that was missing from the experimental Death Stinger machine that had gone berserk. The OS was a unit that shouldered the stress given to the pilot. Since the discovery of this interface, Zoids loaded with an OS were finally placed under control of people. There were pilots in the experimental Death Stingers (KFD, Killer from the Dark) during the sortie.

“KFD self destruction device has been operated.” The observer reported once more. It was as planned. This military secret could not be passed to the enemy—no, excluding his countrymen, it couldn’t even be passed to his allies. The KFDs exploded one after another. Wolff entrusted command to his subordinate and left the bridge. He could no longer remain expressionless. Zigner, at least, could not be deceived.

As the successor to the imperial throne, he should be pleased. The plan was advancing in accordance to his father Prozen’s predictions. The ultimate weapon will be revived and the Zenebas Empire will be resurrected. And yet Anna was dead. She had been the pilot of a KFD. She was a friend from his childhood, from before he became aware of his destiny. Even now she had been the only friend who called him Wolff.

The figure of the white Zero that killed Anna would not disappear and remained floating in Wolff’s mind.

To Be Continued…