Battle Story - Fanbook EX 06 : Seismosaurus

Battle Story - Fanbook EX 06 : Seismosaurus


ZAC 2106, spring. On the central continent.

The Neo Zenebas Imperial Army—who had had Cook Fort snatched by the Helic Republic—immediately began a counterattack. However Cook was a natural fortress, surrounded on all sides by a mountain range and rivers. The Republic Army also had their strongest Gojulas Giga unit. The Imperial Army had pride in their overwhelming war potential but the recapture of Cook was not simple. They reached a stalemate and before long the seasons moved into summer. Despite being under siege by innumerable enemies, the Republican officers wore bright expressions. Their powerful aerial Zoids, Buster Eagle and Salamander, maintained the Republic’s mastery of the air and guaranteed their supply line. Above all the existence of the Gojulas Giga continued to uplift soldiers’ morale. The ancient titanium coating on Giga’s armour made it almost indestructible to Imperial weapons. The Republic units that had become scattered on the western and dark continents re-gathered and had sufficient expectations to wait for the next stage… when, due to an unexpected flash of matter, the balance of all the troops was broken!

An Arosaurer that was carrying resources received from a Buster Eagle was penetrated by a flash that left a circular opening, then lost its upper body and exploded. Intermittently Gorhecks and Leo Strikers were, one after another, put out in similar flashes. The bodies were hidden in a rocky area, and the rocks were scattered away.

Battle Story 1

Before the mysterious gunfire, the only movement was of Republic Zoids. There were no shouts in this battle, a one-sided massacre, until a Gojulas Giga’s armour was penetrated.

There was jamming from the Dimetrodon and although Gorhecks’ radar searched the shooting site it showed no signs of the enemy. The Republican officers were in chaos. They became speechless when they saw the images that were finally sent by the correspondence Buster Eagle. They saw a brontosaurus-type Zoid with an imperial mark search for an enemy then release a super-long-distance bombardment. This brontosaurus-type Zoids was different to the old ones because of its long silhouette. It was the Neo Zenebas Empire’s restored insignia, a new Zoid, Seismosaurus.

The Republic’s front line fell into panic as the Imperial Army’s assault began. The form of the conspicuously large Seismosaurus brought more fear into the Republican soldiers as the defensive line was cruelly stepped on.

As the evacuation of allies continued, a group of Republican units stood in the way of the Seismosaurus. The mixed unit consisted of Gojulas Gigas, Arosaurers and Leo Strikers. The Leo Striker unit that expanded in front of Giga set up their E-shields. Rain from Seismo’s 31-barrel laser cannon came. Innumerable ventilators opened as the Leo Striker unit collapsed. Nevertheless this sacrifice gave Giga time for a counterattack.

Giga transformed into pursuit mode. The other surviving Zoid units followed, breaking through the siege network and closing in on Seismosaurus. The chimera unit—Seismosaurus’ escorts, consisting of Scissor Storm, Laser Storm and Styluarmor—fired, but it did not stop Giga’s fierce attack.

Giga’s buster cannons were fired. A hit. Thick smoke emerged from Seismosaurus’ side, obstructing sight of the surroundings. Giga’s pilot was confident Seismosaurus had been crushed.

But after a moment, calmly appearing from inside the smoke was Ultimate Seismo, the strengthened Seismosaurus had fused with its consorts Scissor Storm and Laser Storm.

Battle Story 2

The crescent laser cannon mounted on Seismosaurus’ body partially severed the Leo Strikers’ armour, and the Chain Scissor crushed every Arosaurer into the ground. Again, there was a shower of fire of charged particles from the 31 gun turrets as the Republic Army’s small Zoids were relentlessly erased.

Originally Seismosaurus was expected to be a support machine but it had advanced—Ultimate Seismo displayed its overwhelming battle power to the soldiers in order to halt all resistance.

Already the only sound Zoid left in the front line was the Giga. However Giga had not yet met the final trump card that would alter the war situation. The 32-barrel Zoid core cannon. The super destructive weapon that from far away surpassed the charged particle cannon. This power was the forbidden weapon that would snatch away the Giga’s life. Giga’s back fins let off violent radiation. Nevertheless it was set free when, in a fast instant, the super-focused charged particle cannon’s zero-distance shooting penetrated Giga’s Zoid core. The pride of the Republic Army, Giga’s large form slowly fell to the ground.

This was Ultimate Seismo’s victorious triumph and the moment that decided the Neo Zenebas Empire’s complete control of the central continent.