Battle Story - Timeline

Battle Story - Timeline

The info here has been collected from all over the place—mainly the new Zoids graphics and the timeline on Zoids Generations—and all smushed together.

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ZAC Calendar Event
12 billion years ago Birth of the universe.
5 billion years ago Birth of Planet Zi.
Palaeozoic Era
4.8 billion years ago Thermophilic life appears.
3 billion–500 million years ago Primeval metal life forms flourish in the high temperature seas.
Mesozoic Era
200 million years ago Appearance of Zoid Cores.
200–50 million years ago Golden age of the dinosaur Zoids.
50–30 million years ago Planet Zi’s ice age. Dinosaur Zoids become extinct.
Cenozoic Era
30 million years ago Rise of animal-type Zoids.
700,000 years ago Climate changes on the planet. Diversification of animal Zoids.
100,000 years ago Ancient Zoidians appear.
Stone Age
10,000 years ago Zoids are domesticated by the ancient Zoidians.
Megalithic Civilisation Period
ZAC 0001 The cultural livelihood of Zoidians begins. Beginning of artificial breeding of Zoids.
Era of Natural Disasters
pre–ZAC 1600 About 50 tribes are scattered across the central continent. They are isolated from each other by frequent natural disasters.
ZAC 1600 The natural disasters end. Only small-scale volcanic activity continues.
Era of Tribal Disputes
ZAC 1693 Discovery of the Babahott Iron Plate. Traces of the shell of a huge god are located.
ZAC 1700s The 50 small tribes merge into 8 larger tribes.
End of the volcanic activity. The populations of Zoidians and animals begins to increase.
ZAC 1850s The tribes cooperate and aim to increase food production. A cooperative system is born. However disputes between tribes also begin to occur.
The balance of the ecosystem collapses due to the artificial selection of wild Zoids.
ZAC 1900– Battle Zoids are born. The earth tribe begins remodelling Zoids.
The disputes between tribes intensifies and become an everyday occurrence. The economic disparity between the continent’s east and west sides is obvious—the people in the west envy the eastern tribes.
Feudal War Era
ZAC 1920 The continent is split into two great powers; a federation lead by Guylos, who rallies the tribes in the west, and the peace forces allied by Helic Muroa in the east.
ZAC 1930s The growth of Zoid manufacturing. The simple cockpit is expanded.
ZAC 1950s Zoid manufacturing technology spreads between the tribes.
ZAC 1955 The feudal war intensifies.
Helic leaves the central continent in a bird Zoid. The peace forces stand up against a shadow warrior and see the battle out to the end.
ZAC 1957 The shadow warrior is a mysterious army invading from the dark continent (later identified as being the dark continent army). Helic returns and persuades Guylos to help him repel the army.
Unification on the Central Continent
ZAC 1957 July 25 The feudal war ends and the central continent is unified under the new Helic Republic. Helic becomes king and imposes a system of government. Peaceful times arrive.
Guylos leaves for the dark continent where he later founds the Guylos Empire.
King Helic’s first son is born. His mother is from the wind tribe, like King Helic.
ZAC 1959 Zenebas is born. His mother, King Helic’s second wife, is the younger sister of Guylos from the earth tribe.
The mass production of Zoids begins (by the Zoid administration bureau). They mass produce the Mechabonica.
ZAC 1960 The republic develops its first Zoids.
Era of War on the Central Continent
ZAC 1975 The death of King Helic.
ZAC 1976 Split of the Helic Republic.
ZAC 1978 Helic II abolishes the monarchal system and becomes the first president. Zenebas is inaugurated as the highest commanding officer.
Zenebas is banished from the republic. He leads the Guylos supporters over the central mountain range and founds the Zenebas Empire on the west side of the continent.
The Helic Republic and Zenebas Empire break into war.
ZAC 1980 The battle of Red River. The imperial army finally invades republic territory. Both armies clash at Red River. The battle continues for 4 months, and ends with the retreat of the imperial soldiers.
ZAC 2018 Battle of the desert. The republic, sensing an incoming invasion from the empire, invades imperial territory first. The empire intercepts them in the desert to avoid a battle at the capital. The desert is dyed with blood and it becomes a longterm battle.
ZAC 2029 First contact with Earthlings. There is an uprising on the human pioneer ship Globally III and it crash lands at Grandbaros mountain range. The crew is separated between both armies and they become prisoners of war. This incident marks the end of the battle of the desert and the withdrawal of both armies. Earth technology is introduced to the Zoidians.

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ZAC 2030 Both armies rapidly augment weapons with the Earth technology they are been given. New weapons like the beam cannon and missiles are equipped to Zoids. The war immediately switches to a violent modern battle.
The republic’s Zoid Gojulas and imperial Red Horn are developed.
ZAC 2031 Birth of the imperial Zoids army.

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Unprecedented Zoid development race. Zoids are completely changed as both armies put all their energy into an initiative to develop all-new Zoids. The battlefield is no longer only on land, but expands to sea and air battles as well.
ZAC 2032 October Battle of Ardennes. Planet Zi’s first battle with modern Zoids. The power of the Gojulas results in the republic army’s victory. This battle differs from the previous ones—it is the beginning of an era of severe, gruesome battles.
Imperial civil war.
Iron Kong rollout. The development of the imperial army’s first huge Zoid, the Iron Kong, is a success. 150 machines invade republic territory and clash with the 200 Gojulas. The confrontation ends with the imperial army’s withdrawal, but the damage done to the Gojulas exceeds that of the Iron Kongs. This marks the end of the Zoid Gojulas’ unrivalled era.
ZAC 2033 X-Day proclamation.
Shocked by the power of the Iron Kong, the republic army orders 9 of its development labs to develop a strengthened Gojulas. The results are a Gojulas equipped with long-distance cannons, the Gojulas Mk II.
Kamikaze Joe’s great efforts.
ZAC 2034 The development of new Zoids is accelerated more and more and, one by one, Zoids like the Saicurtis and Snakes are developed. The second Zoids development race begins.
ZAC 2035 The republic army, upon receiving information about the development of a new imperial Zoid, sends a solo reconnaissance Gojulas to the empire’s special factory. The strategy is a success and the empire’s new tiger-type high-speed Zoid is revealed.
ZAC 2036 Sabre Tiger rollout. The empire’s historical first high-speed large Zoid, Sabre Tiger, enters combat. This red flash of lightning can cover long distances to harass the republic army.
Battle of Blood Rock.
ZAC 2037 The republic completes its unprecedented gigantic decisive battle Zoid, the Ultrasaurus. The terrified imperial army sends out their remarkable spy, Echo, and steals the Ultrasaurus.
The republic army succeeds in recovering the Ultrasaurus with the strategy proposed by 1st Lt. Roy S Thomas.
Battle of the large ice field. Echo’s Iron Kong Mk II lures the Ultrasaurus into the central continent’s northern-most ice field and tries to crush it, but 1st Lt. Thomas’ Gojulas Mk II intercepts. The battle of the Mk IIs ends with the Kong’s defeat.
ZAC 2038 The imperial army begins their assault. An imperial elite force surrounds a republic radio base near Barnum River and the personal of the base attempt to escape in the Ultrasaurus. With an every-direction attack the tables are turned and the escape succeeds.
Five elite republic units bring the empire’s advance at Red River’s west bank to a standstill and the war is deadlocked. The republic army drafts a strategy that lands the Ultrasaurus unit at the west side of Miebaros Bay on imperial territory so it can directly attack the imperial frontline command HQ. The operation is a success and the imperial army takes serious damage.
ZAC 2039 Fall of the Zenebas Empire capital city. The republic army encircles the imperial capital. The bombardment and raids extend for many days at the marble capital on Mt Gareki, named White Town. With Ultrasaurus at the centre, the republic battalion break into the capital. Emperor Zenebas escapes to Valecia Bay, on the north coast of the continent.
With Col. Johan Erikson’s Ultrasaurus at the centre, the republic army attacks Valecia Bay. Using Gen. Danny (Tiger) Duncan as a sacrifice, Emperor Zenebas flees to the dark continent Nyx in a Storch.
The republic discovers a wild Shield Liger.
ZAC 2041 Zenebas’ counterattack. The Zenebas Empire receives support from the Guylos Empire on the dark continent and leaves Valecia Ocean. Returning to the central continent with the power of new Zoids, Zenebas crushes the republic army and reclaims his old territory. The battle hereafter is called the Second Central Continent War.
ZAC 2042 Emperor Zenebas announces the Republic Advance Strategy. They execute a surprise attack with Cardinal—custom Iguan airborne troops lead by Lt Col. Frost—in order to secure the Almerhen bridge, a bridge that crosses the Barnum River that flows along the border. The strategy is a success and the bridge falls into the hands of the imperial army.
The battlefield spreads to the republic woodlands that cross over the central mountain range. Col. Erikson deploys the republic’s first high-speed Zoid, Shield Liger. The personal high-speed task force supports the front.
ZAC 2043 Shield Liger surprise attack strategy. The Blue Pirates (the republic’s micro-type Zoid command force) discover parts of a new large Zoid in an imperial army truck they had attacked. The republic army, full of fear, has Col. Erikson lead the high-speed task force to wage a kamikaze attack at a research lab inside imperial territory. However the imperial army blows up the lab and the strategy fails.
ZAC 2044 The empire finally completes its strongest Zoid, the Death Saurer; developed to stand up against the Ultrasaurus. At once the military balance slants toward the imperial side. The Death Saurer completely crushes all Gojulas, Gojulas Mk II and Shield Liger units in its way and advances with its sights set on the republic capital city.
Ultrasaurus Vs Death Saurer. Approaching the republic capital, 2nd Lt. Toby Duncan’s Death Saurer is ambushed by Col. Erikson’s Ultrasaurus. The battle ends with the Death Saurer’s victory and Col. Erikson’s death. 2nd Lt. Duncan’s spirit is also deeply wounded.
Fall of the republic capital city. The imperial army break into the the republic capital. However President Helic takes decisive tunnel operation actions and both people and soldiers have already escaped. The empire’s plan is in vain. A custom Shield Liger destroys the tunnel and blocks the pursuit of the Death Saurer.
December The republic army’s counterattack begins. With their whereabouts concealed after the fall of the capital, the republic army uses custom Gorhecks to kamikaze attack the republican northern Cook Naval Base that is under imperial occupation. The imperial northern fleet of Sea Panther and Wardick were annihilated. The pursuing imperial units are destroyed by the ‘Ultrasaurus substitution operation’ that uses two presidential Ultrasauruses.
ZAC 2045 The activity of the substitute President Helic rises morale between the people of the republic army while struggling against the Death Saurer. Guerrilla warfare develops all across the continent. The republic navy ensures a marine transport route around the republic territory costal area as well as around the islands on the outskirts, and units pass through the seas freely.
March Generals of the republic army enact Death Saurer capture operations by attacking together in Ultrasauruses and Salamanders but the strategy is too ill-prepared and it ends in failure when cooperation doesn’t go smoothly.
May Battle of Florecio Ocean. President Helic plans to move to the main central mountain range. They execute tactics that would make a clean sweep of the imperial navy located in Florecio Ocean in the south. The imperial army, caught by a small unmanned decoy Zoid, is annihilated by the aircraft Ultrasaurus and Pteras fleets spearheaded by Admiral Linderman. The reinforcement Reddra units are also damaged by the Pteras. The republic army acquires control of the whole Florecio Ocean.
June President Helic abduction tactics. Capt. Franz Haltman of the imperial army uses the Death Saurer as bait and infiltrates a secret base on a small island in Florecio Ocean where Helic lives underground. Capt. Haltman tries to abduct the president but is stopped by the presidential bodyguards (the republic’s new 24 Zoids). The abduction tactics are a failure.
July The republic begins movement to the central mountain range. The republic army implements a strategy to land them at Germandy Peninsula on the southern tip of the central continent. Before this, they carry out the Ultrasaurus diversion strategy to lure out the single Death Saurer stationed there. A diversionary force with an Ultrasaurus at the centre advance to Diepp, the shore opposite Germandy. The force cause devastation and the diversionary tactics are a success. The Death Saurer also fights determinedly but is finally crushed by the main landing unit, and the republic army captures Germandy Peninsula.
August One-by-one, the republic army transfers battle power to the central mountain range via the sea route. The battle stage moves from a moor area to a mountain area and the leading part of the battle changes from large Zoids, unable to make tight turns, to nimble medium-sized Zoids.
September The republic army advances from the south of the central mountain range to the north. The southern mountain road that links the imperial Illusion City and the republic Eshmi Port is put under republic control.
October The republic army continues north. They succeed in dividing the Middle Highway that crosses the centre of the continent.
Imperial army mountain base siege. The republic army encircles the empire’s largest base on the central mountain range. Supported by the hard winter, Emperor Zenebas gathers hope, but the republic army stays in the drawn-out war thanks to a supply line along a secret mountain road, called ‘Helic Route’, and the Emperor’s plan is put out of place. There is a shortage of goods at the imperial base when it has its supply line severed. The Death Saurer that is called for reinforcement is hindered by the advance of the Zoid Mammoth from the north.
ZAC 2046 Republic counterattack operations begin.
March Fall of the empire’s mountain base. In order for the republic to see a conclusion to the siege battle, they transport 5 Ultras along Helic Route. The imperial base is trampled by an avalanche and Ultra’s huge build. They finally surrender.
August Red River encirclement camp break through operations. President Helic moves command HQ to the central mountain range. The large Zoid Kentauros appears there. The Helic army at the southern end of the mountain range begins advancing to the moor that is occupied by the empire, but come too close to a unit that is advancing along Red River and are surrounded. In this crisis Helic, along with his bodyguard Rosa, sortie in the Kentauros. The unit succeeds in escaping.
Kentauros vs Death Dog. The republic HQ, short on hands, is annihilated by a kamikaze attack of Capt. Franz’s custom Death Saurer, Death Dog, who invades deep into enemy territory to kill Helic. When Kentauros returns, a battle unfolds between it and the Death Dog. It ends in a simultaneous attack by both Zoids. The pilots survive.
October–November The republic army advances to the moor. On the morning of the holiday of the 23rd year anniversary of the fall of the republic capital, the republic army initiates counterattack operations in empire-occupied territory across the whole nation. In the battle that extends for 2 years, the exhausted imperial army continues to retreat as the supply line from their homeland isn't getting past the mountain road at the northernmost part of the central mountain range.
December 31 President Helic’s marriage. At 89 years old, Helic marries the female bodyguard leader, Rosa Laurie. This longitivtiy of life is unique to Zoidians.
ZAC 2047 April The republic army undertakes operations to rescue Professor Harvard Lee Chester the developer of the Ultrasaurus, who had become a prisoner of war at the republic capital city. The rescue unit secretly infiltrates the capital and, although they encounter the Death Saurer during their escape, successfully rescue the magnificent Professor Chester. The professor immediately starts work on developing a new anti-Death Saurer Zoid.
June Great Sabre rollout. In order to desperately defend the central mountain range supply line that was the lifeline to the troops occupying republic territory, the empire completes the Great Sabre, a variant of the Sabre Tiger improved for mountain battles. Bear Fighter and Shield Liger are beaten at their own games and the operations the republic army are undertaking the stop the imperial supply line end in failure.
August The safety of Professor Chester is essential for new Zoid development so two eccentric officers, Capt. Louis and Maj. Marchen, present their ‘Cooking Stove and Swallow’ strategy to the president. The president approves this ‘absurd strategy’. The two men are in charge of the ‘Cooking Stove’ part of the strategy; the president himself is in charge of the ‘Swallow’.
Louis and Marchen become generals and embark on the ‘Cooking Stove’ strategy. They lead a construction unit to a small island in Florecio Ocean, establish Bomber Base and underground factory, and enough outdoor toilets for 10,000 people were built all over the island. After the completion of the base the construction unit secretly escapes the island.
November Volcanic island battle. There is no reason for the imperial army to overlook construction of this degree—the small island is Professor Chester’s secret research lab—they would keep an eye on it. From the number of outdoor toilets the imperial army calculates the republic garrison to number 10,000 people and dispatches a large army of 40,000 lead by a Death Saurer. Louis and Marchen thrust the Death Saurer down into a crater and crush it. The imperial army crushes the base just as they planned and find the island—a long way from empire territory—empty. They return after wasting extensive time and resources. The ‘Cooking Stove’ strategy is a huge success.
President Helic and wife Rosa give birth to a son. Emperor Zenebas sends his nephew the bracelet he had received from his older brother Helic in their childhood. The bracelet is engraved with writing. “I give this to the person I love the most”, it says.
‘Swallow’ strategy put into operation. Professor Chester, escaping imperial eyes, develops a special specification Salamander that has had its insides remodelled. In accordance to the plan, 3 above-ground labs produce new Zoid prototypes of it.
December Clash of the remodelled forces. Both armies develop Mk-II units. A violent battle brews.
ZAC 2048 January Imperial Maj. Michael Hobart (engineer) completes the Death Saurer bomber specification machine, Death Bird, and it bombs a republic research lab.
Death Bird surprise attack tactics fail. Two days after the aerial bombing, the republic army sends airborne troops with a customised Salamander to the Death Bird’s base, intending to destroy the Death Bird, but a custom Death Saurer, Death Shadow, intercepts them and the troop is annihilated.
September The empire’s large counterattack commences. The imperial army release the 24-Zoid Gorem, developed by Maj. Hobart, to the front lines and begin an offensive to recapture the central mountain range. Professor Chester, who feels a crises drawing near, returns above ground and commands new Zoid development.
October Mad Thunder rollout. The republic army successfully develop the Mad Thunder, an anti-Death Saurer large Zoid made by Professor Chester. The central mountain range falls into crisis. President Helic sends the full power of his air force to support his mountain troops that are surrounded by the imperial army, and the Mad Thunder charges to the republic capital city. Dangerous operations on both fronts.
Fall of the imperial army’s front line base. At the north gateway to the capital, the Mad Thunder breaks into the imperial army’s front line base. It destroys the fortress and the feared custom Kong, ‘the Demon at the Top of the Tower’.
December Recapture of the republic capital city. Before the capital city the Mad Thunder and the Death Fighter, a custom Death Saurer piloted by Maj. Hobart, clash. The battle ends with the Mad Thunder’s victory. Thanks to that, the republic army breaks into the capital and crushes the imperial army. They finally succeed in freeing the capital city. At the same time, republic mountain troops and air force support that are under siege on the central mountain range shoot the siege net and turn to counterattack.
ZAC 2050 at the end of the year The imperial army, defeated everywhere by the republic army, flees. The republic army finally reaches the imperial capital and the Mad Thunder division surround the city.
ZAC 2051 January 8 The imperial capital falls for the second time. The Mad Thunder division invades the capital city. Zenebas escapes the capital and the city falls.
March Downfall of the Zenebas Empire. Emperor Zenebas and his surviving troops barricade themselves on Nicados Island in the Daras Ocean. The republic army lands on the island, crush the imperial army and capture their fortress. Emperor Zenebas flees to the dark continent and requests support from the Guylos Empire army (dark army) that rules there. However the Guylos Empire turns their attack to Zenebas’ Death Saurer. The Guylos Empire absorbs the surviving military force of the Zenebas Empire and proclaims war against the republic. This marks the end of the Central Continent War.
Inter-Continent War
ZAC 2051 The Inter-Continent War begins. President Helic, who had obtained information of the ‘Ultimate Weapon’ being developed by the dark army, declares war against the Guylos Empire. The empire, burning with ambition the conquer the central continent, sends a mysterious energy from deep within the dark continent to Delpoi and a strange phenomenon occurs. The republic army decides to advance to the unknown dark continent.
October The republic army puts the first dark continent landing strategy into operation. The landing force, with Sea Mad and Mad Fly at the centre, start out. However the landing force is intercepted by the Guylos Empire's powerful Zoids and are annihilated. The operations end in a tragic failure.
ZAC 2052 June The republic army’s dark continent landing operations are a success. They develop a large flying mothership, Turtle Ship, based on analysis data from a Whale Kaiser they had shot down. The second dark continent landing strategy begins. Thanks to the Gunblusters’ efforts the landing strategy is a success and the republic army assembles at the landing site, a beachhead named Entrance Bay.
November Pursuing the ‘Ultimate Weapon’ being developed by the dark army, the republic army attacks a weapon factory in the mountains, 800 km from Entrance Bay. A dark army style Kong appears from inside the factory and, firing in a gigantic halo, blows a Shield Liger Mk-II cleanly in half. The republic army trembles in fear at that glimpse of the power of the ‘Ultimate Weapon’.
ZAC 2053 The republic army advances to the dark continent inland. The republic army reorganises their forces and change their ensign. Though hindered by the complex terrain of the dark continent, they continue to advance to the interior of the continent, lead by the Mad Thunder division.
October The Guylos Empire finally completes their ‘Ultimate Weapon’, the Gil Vader. The Mad Thunder division receives serious damage and the republic advance guard units inevitably retreat.
The Gil Vader crosses the ocean and bombs the republic capital. The republic sends their main force from the dark continent but are unable to conduct an effective counterattack. The republic suffers 80,000 casualties.
ZAC 2054 February Gil Vader destruction operations. The republic army calculates the location of the Gil Vader’s base and, immediately following the return of the Gil Vader, they try to destroy it. Faced with Gil Vader’s overwhelming power, the strategy fails.
May Mad Thunder fleet defeated. They Guylos Empire army snatches mastery of the air and the republic army's air supply line is completely stopped. The dark continent expeditionary force is run down at Entrance Bay and meet a great crisis.
In order to rescue the expeditionary force, President Helic customises all 35 surviving Mad Thunders for sea battle at Admiral Belger’s suggestion. They cross the ocean and at once disguise their numerical inferiority. Furthermore they employ the ‘HZ’ code that had been used by Helic and Zenebas. In spite of this, the Mad Thunder division is intercepted by a waiting custom Gil Vader and is annihilated. But now Helic knew of Zenebas’ existence on the dark continent.
June Orudios rollout. During the crisis, the republic army develop the Orudios. The dark army invoke aerial bombing of major republic cities with the Gil Vader battalion and—on the evening of June 2—the Gil Vaders take off one by one. At the same time, a single prototype Orudios, piloted by the air force’s 1st Lt Roy S Krüger, enters imperial territory and clashes with a Gil Vader. President Helic sends a transmission using the ‘HZ’ code: “500 Orudios have been deployed into battle”. Emperor Guylos recalls the Gil Vader battalion and the aerial bombing is prevented.
ZAC 2055 The republic army, having obtained means to oppose the Gil Vader with the deployment of the Orudios into combat, shifts to counterattack and once more charges toward the interior of the dark continent.
ZAC 2056 ‘Revenge of River’ battle.
President Helic develops the Zenebas rescue strategy. With Orudios at the centre, the new Transfighter Zoid unit, the Zenebas rescue unit, charges toward the dark capital. Meanwhile Emperor Guylos releases the Dark Army Corps, with Gun Gyarado at the core.

The republic army and the Guylos Empire’s final decisive battle on the dark continent: King Gojulas rollout.

President Helic resolutely stands his ground and concentrates surviving units on challenging the dark army in the final decisive battle. The republic army completes the greatest Zoid in history, the King Gojulas. The battle that had alternated between favourable and unfavourable at once slants toward the republic army thanks to the release of the King Gojulas. The Descat unit, operating at dark army bodyguards, stands in the way of the King Gojulas as it approaches the dark capital.

The Great Disaster of Planet Zi
ZAC 2056 A gigantic comet directly hits Planet Zi’s third moon. Fragments fall near the central continent. The central continent is split in three and a part of the dark continent is submerged and it is divided into the Nyx continent and Tulk continent. Battle is now impossible for both armies.
November The Death of Emperor Zenebas. The republic army’s Zenebas rescue operations are at a standstill. Zenebas passes away at the height of the great disaster.
The truce of both armies. With tens of millions of lives lost in the great disaster, war is now out of the question for both armies and the Inter-Continent war ends inconclusively.
At the height of the great disaster, Globally III heads back to earth with both Earthlings and Zoidians on board.
ZAC 2056– The Zoid Planet’s name is changed to Planet Zi. A majority of large Zoids are destroyed in the great disaster. Both powers are heavily burdened with reconstruction work. They develop man-made satellite technology.
The Guylos Empire relocates its capital city from Darkness to Valhalla.
Louise Elena Camford assumes the role of republic president.
ZAC 2097 October The military Emperor Guylos, who unified the dark continent and constructed a powerful military nation, dies. The very young crown prince Rudolf Zeppelin is left to succeed him and Regent Prozen becomes his guardian.
ZAC 2098 October On the first anniversary of the death of Emperor Guylos a majestic ceremony is held for the coronation of the new Emperor Rudolf. The young emperor is merely 10 years old.
First Western Continent War
ZAC 2099 June Regent Prozen, who has control over the Guylos Empire’s parliament and army, declares war against the republic. The army lands on the western continent. The republic also decides to dispatch troops to the western continent. This ends 40 years of peace and the curtain rises on a new war. It is the second inter-continent war and the outbreak of a battle that is names the Western Continent War
August The imperial and republic armies surround Malicrius Lake and Mt Olympus, located in central-north Europa, and finally clash. Confronted with a 3:1 difference in war potential, the republic army is defeated and Malicrius lake slips into imperial hand in the first week of the war.
September The republic army begins counteroffensive tactics. In order to gain control of Mt Olympus the numerically inferior republic army makes the decision the dispatch the independent second high-speed battalion lead by Lt Col. Al G Halford. Their war potential rises and their big counteroffensive tactics begin.
October The imperial army advances revival plans for the Death Saurer in ancient ruins. The Mt Olympus summit falls into the imperial army’s hands. While the republic main force begins to retreat in defeat, their high-speed battalion, lead by Lt Col. Halford, breaks into the summit. It is a large sacrifice—everybody except 1st Lt. Tommy Paris is killed in action—but it hinders the imperial army’s advance and revival of the Death Saurer.
November The republic army, preventing the revival of the Death Saurer, retreat to north Europa’s eastern tip. A surprise attack unit, with Stealth Viper and Guysack, plays an active role and guerrilla warfare develops. The imperial army’s supply line is stretched and the war enters a lull.
ZAC 2100 January Geno Saurer rollout. Based on data of the Organoid System, obtained during the Death Saurer revival plan, the imperial army completes the first new Zoid in 40 years, the Geno Saurer. In competition it defeats the Dark Horn and Great Sabre and is officially adopted into use.
The republic army completes the Blade Liger and Storm Sworder with Organoid System data obtained during the Death Saurer revival plan.
March The Geno Saurer heads to south Europa. For ancient ruin research the imperial army dispatches an investigation unit including the first Geno Saurer, piloted by 1st Lt. Litz Runstead. The republic army sends a battalion for an ambush but are destroyed by the overwhelming power of the new Zoid.
Organoid struggle at Garil Ruins. The republic army sends the first Blade Liger, piloted by Leo Master Maj. Arthur Borgman, in pursuit of the imperial unit. The new Zoids of both armies clash at Garil Ruins. The Geno Saurer gets a hold of a true organoid and it ends up in imperial hands.
May Battle of Red Rust (aka the Desert of Red)
June The republic army mass produce their new Storm Sworder and gains control of the air. They carry out a complete bombing of imperial supply units and the imperial army suffers from a shortage of supplies. On the ground guerrilla warfare develops, headed by the Blade Liger and the surprise attack unit, and the flow begins to slant to the republic side.
Wishing to end the war in its early stages, republic President Louise Elena Camford decides to send the military reserve power that protects the country to Europa, wishing to provide an opportunity to oppose the empire and bring peace. The transportation fleet, loaded with 20 divisions of the mainland army including the main elite Zoid force (referred to as the strongest army corps composed of strengthened Zoids and the president’s bodyguards), starts out from the central continent’s Yubit Bay.
Battle of Deldaros Ocean. The dark army immediately send out the just-revived air-and-sea-use Zoid Sinker battalion. They ambush the republic in Deldaros Ocean. The Sinker unit annihilates the transport fleet, but this was just the decoy Kala Ship. In the air the Neo Turtle Ship, composed of the real transport fleet, opens its deck and the onboard Zoid battalion attack the Sinkers. The Sinker unit is destroyed.
The republic army’s mainland defence unit arrives on Europa. The large reinforcement avoided major damage and succeeds in treading on Europian soil.
The imperial army, having allowed the republic reinforcement units to land on Europa, send their strongest unit—Regent Prozen’s bodyguards, the Prozen Knights—to the western continent.
July Geno Breaker rollout. As a counter measure to the Blade Liger, the imperial army develops the Geno Breaker, and strengthened Geno Saurer.
Second Western Continent War
ZAC 2100 July Second all-out battle. Suffering from a supply shortage, the imperial army plans for a short decisive battle and initiates a general offensive lead by the PK force at the republic army’s Robb Base. During unit reorganisation, the republic army forces a hard fight, but the mercenary unit puts up a good fight. The battle breaks into a drawn-out war. The Empire tries to attack the republic from both sides and the imperial navy, advancing from the sea-side, is intercepted by the new Zoid Hammer Head and they fail to land. Running out of ammunition, the imperial army finally takes flight and the republic’s counterattack commences.
The Death Stinger is completed with a true organoid that had been brought back from Garil Ruins and was nurtured and forced to grow.
The imperial army, having split into two groups when it took flight, was pursued by the republic army. The group that escaped by the south route played a game of cat-and-mouse with the republic army but, with the support of Geno Breaker, they narrowly managed to escape.
The republic army pursuit unit enters the battle of Hesberides Lake.
Battle of the eastern part of Red Rust.
The imperial army’s special forces (with new Zoids) are dispatched to rescue their allies on the north route that are unable to shake their pursuit unit. During the battle the Death Stinger suddenly goes berserk. After seriously damaging both armies it disappears underground. As a result the north route unit succeeds in escaping.
August Shocked by the power of the imperial army’s new Zoid, republic HQ orders the development of strengthened equipment for the Blade Liger. After testing by Maj. Arthur Borgman, attack boosters come into official use.
September Republic supreme HQ transport the single existing Ultrasaurus—the symbol of the president—to the western continent. This Ultrasaurus the Destroyer, equipped with the huge 1200mm Ultra Cannon, is the core of the western continent expeditionary force, the super heavy bomb force ‘Destroyer Corps’. They begin their advance toward Nixie Base, the imperial army’s greatest location on Europa.
The imperial army invest all their war potential toward opposing the republic army that, with the destroyer corps at their core, are continuing to advance with all their power. The imperial army’s first camp is destroyed by bombing from Ultrasaurus’ 1200mm cannon. With only their high-speed units remaining, the imperial army aims at crushing the Ultra.
October Geno Breaker vs Blade Liger AB. As he heads towards the Ultrasaurus, 1st Lt. Litz Runstead’s Geno Breaker is intercepted by Maj. Arthur Borgman’s Blade Liger AB. A violent fight develops between the two, and before they’re aware of it, they have gone astray to a strange place.
The ruins of Red Rust are where the true organoid Death Stinger’s stronghold is. Litz and Arthur unite against the Death Stingers. Arthur is killed in action and after Litz destroys the Death Stingers and their den he disappears in his Breaker.
Ultrasaurus the Destroyer begins bombing within range on Nixie Base. Nixie bears serious damage but Ultrasaurus’ gun barrel also gets roasted.
Dark Army HQ decide on a total withdrawal from Nixie Base and the western continent. The imperial army begins to escape to the dark continent. The new Elephander battalion, consisting of soldiers originating from Zenebas, blocks the republic army from breaking into the base. The Elephander battalion, prepared for death, put on a great flight and the republic army lose both precious time and 3 times as many Zoids. Furthermore the pursuit of the republic air force is also obstructed by the Redler suicide corps, and the retreat of the dark army’s main force is a success. In the midst of battle the dark army recovers the true organoid system. Thanks for 1st Lt. Ray Gregg, one of the Leo Masters, the republic army succeed in stealing a new lion-type Zoid that was being developed by the empire. Nixie Base slips into republic hands and becomes an important location of the republic.

→ See Battle Story Vol.2 part 1.

November–December The republic army sweeps the remaining imperial locations on Europa. The ‘Blue Army’, consisting on Command Wolf AC units, play a large role. During this time the Liger Zero is developed and tests are performed.
The cleanup of the surviving imperial military force has almost been completed by the republic army. The Western Continent War, in name and in reality, had ended. President Camford immediately recommends a ceasefire to the empire.
Dark Continent War
ZAC 2101 January Imperial Regent Prozen ignores the ceasefire recommendation. On the contrary, on the day of the deadline to reply to the recommendation a customised Whale Kaiser, the Moby Dick, and unmanned bomber Zabats bomb Nixie Base. The republic release their just-revived Salamander and narrowly succeed in repelling the enemy, but the base receives enormous damage and the Ultrasaurus that was undergoing upgrading is half-damaged. Due to this the dark continent landing strategy that the republic planned to put into use had to be delayed.

→ See Battle Story Vol.2 part 2.

March The imperial army succeed in mass producing their strongest marine Zoid, Wardick, with an Organoid System. The Wardick force breaks through the Hammer Head defence network and destroys Nixie naval port. 10 Killer from the Dark (KFD, custom Death Stingers) break into Nixie Base. Due to the efforts of the special force ‘Ray Force’, composed of high-speed Zoids, interception of the KFD is successful but the dark continent landing operations are delayed even more.

→ See Battle Story Vol.2 part 3.

June Battle of Ander Sea. The republic army plans to take back control of the seas as the first part of the dark continent landing operations. A fleet sorties with the flagship Ultrasaurus the Carrier. The imperial army sends a large fleet to intercept. The battle advances with the superiority of the republic army, who excel in the air, but while the imperial fleet receives large damage, they are persistent in their opposition. The air battle Zoids run out of fuel and, grabbing the opportunity when the republic’s sky defence becomes thing, the Sinker force that was lurking at the bottom of the sea surfaces and assaults the republic fleet. Facing annihilation the republic army escapes to the Daras Triangle, an area of the ocean with strong electro-magnetic waves, and the curtain closes on the marine battle with the victory of the imperial army.
Appearance of the Eisen Dragoons. On the verge of collapse in the Daras Triangle, the republic fleet manages to pass through a safe corridor in the demonic ocean, thanks to the guidance of a mysterious small marine Zoid, and they reach the south coast of the dark continent. There they witness the imperial defence forces being crushed by mysterious army corps, the ‘Eisen Dragoons’.
July The republic army lands at Entrance Bay. According to information acquired by a Pteras, the republic army begins dark continent landing operations using the corridor inside the Daras Triangle. A Hover Cargo—fully loaded with the landing force—lands at the dark continent’s Entrance Bay. Entrance Bay slips into the republic army’s hands in half a day due to the efforts of the Ray Force.
Ray Force vs Eisen Dragoons The Ray Force advance to inland Nyx, with the Eisen Dragoons flickering in the shadows. In order to find out the Eisen Dragoons’ true motive, the Ray Force attack an Eisen Dragoons base they discover at Wigried Moor. The battle between the Eisen Dragoons, lead by Günther Prozen’s son Wolff Muroa, and the Ray Force develops with the overwhelming superiority of the Eisen Dragoons, who have superior technological strength. The republic army release their revived Gunbluster and shift to counteroffensive. The Eisen Dragoons release their experimental machine, the Bloody Demon. Both sides receive heavy damage and the Ray Force, bearing devastating injury, retreats back to republic territory. The Eisen Dragoons withdraw to the Nifl Wetlands at the south of the continent to merge with their main force.
Battle of the dark continent’s Bifrost Plains. With hostilities beginning, the imperial army is outsmarted and has allowed the landing of the republic army, but all sides hastily move to a new battlefield. All across Trim Plateau and Bifrost Plains a large-scale war of attrition unfolds.
September The Mad Thunder revival plan, the republic’s trump card against the Death Saurer, is rushed into its final stages. Assembly begins at the dark continent base.
König Wolf vs Liger Zero X. At the republic front line base on Trim Plateau, imperial army Lt Col. Karl Lichten Schwarz and republic army 1st Lt. Rob Hermann have a conversation in absolute secrecy, but are attacked by a Liger Zero X with intentions of assassinating Schwarz. 1st Lt. Hermann’s König Wolf is destroyed and Lt Col. Schwarz suffers serious injury.
50 Death Saurer machines are completed. The Death Saurer is reborn. This unit is directly under Prozen and is supplied to the regular army. Prozen orders all reserve battle power to be mobilised.
October Fierce battles develop all across the dark continent Nyx. with a dreadful percentage of loss, annihilated units appear one after another. Cannon Fort, Malder, Geruder, etc, are all manufactured and appear on the battlefield.
end of October Mad Thunder vs Death Saurer. The imperial national defence release 30 units of the Death Saurer battalion to oppose the republic army that is advancing toward the capital city Valhalla. To counter this, the republic army sends out 20 Mad Thunder units and the legendary fierce fighting returns. By the third day of the battle, all the Death Saurers and Mad Thunders are unable to fight due to damage.
On the morning of the 6th day of battle, Schwarz suppresses his injuries and arrives on the battlefield. Together with 1st Lt. Hermann, they bring the battle to a stalemate.
November Prozen’s uprising. The PK (Prozen Knights) division, lead by Günther Prozen Muroa, the orphan of the former Emperor Zenebas, revolts at the imperial capital Valhalla. The PK division, consisting of Iron Kong PKs and Hammer Rocks, invades the official residence of Emperor Rudolf.
In order to revive the Zenebas Empire, the Eisen Dragoons board a Dragoon Nest and depart for the central continent.
The regular imperial army allies with the republic army in order to recover the imperial capital that’s being occupied by the PK division. The Guylos and Helic allied forces break into the capital.
Prozen self-destructs his Death Saurer’s Zoid Core, taking the allied Guylos and Helic forces in the capital with him. With Emperor Rudolf’s efforts damage is reduced, but the Emperor’s residence has vanished and there is enormous damage everywhere.
Founding of Neo Zenebas
ZAC 2101 December The Eisen Dragoons land at the central continent’s Cook Bay. The republic army has sent their main force to Nyx and their remaining country defence army is easily overwhelmed.
ZAC 2102 January Having reorganised, the republic army’s dark continent expeditionary units depart to the central continent. They build friendly relations with the Guylos Empire.
The Eisen Dragoons occupy the republic capital. President Camford escapes in the small high-speed Zoid Saberlion and links up with the surviving expeditionary force.
The republic army puts their capital city recapture strategy into operation. However the Eisen Dragoons have remarkable technological strength and the republic army is silenced by the Dark Spiner’s jamming wave. The republic army takes heavy damage and the strategy fails.
The Eisen Dragoons gain complete control of the central continent. The Neo Zenebas Empire is founded and Prozen’s son, Wolff Muroa, becomes the emperor. The Helic Republic relocate their capital to the western continent.
ZAC 2103 The Neo Zenebas imperial army suppresses the remnants of the republic army on Delpoi. The republic army hasn't managed a single victory against the Dark Spiner.
ZAC 2104 The easter continent company, ZOITEC, develops BLOX.
Central Continent War
ZAC 2105 Autumn The imperial army launches a violent attack against the republic army on Delpoi’s central mountain range.
The number of secret republic bases on the central continent has declined to less than 30. At one of those bases, the republic army is developing a new Zoid, the Gojulas Giga, but the base is attacked by the imperial Black Dragoons. The republic army sacrifice Gojulas the Ogre, and the Gojulas Giga, participating in the battle while still incomplete, succeeds in repelling the imperial force.
ZOITEC develop second stage BLOX.
Cyclops is excavated from ancient ruins on the central continent.
The Diablo Tiger visits from the future and battles with Cyclops.
ZAC 2106 early Spring The republic army battles to capture Cook Fort on the central continent.
Imperial Chimera BLOX enter combat.

→ See Fan Book EX 5.

The imperial army’s Seismosaurus launches a violent attack on Cook Fort.

→ See Fan Book EX 6.

The republic army is defeated again. The Neo Zenebas Empire regains complete control of the central continent.
The republican Gairyuki attacks an imperial base on the central continent’s southern coast.
ZAC 2107 The republic army’s counterattack begins. They land on the central continent.
The republic army discipline force (formally the Ray Force) attack the imperial Chimaira Base City.
ZAC 2108 October The republic army commences operations to recover Old Helic City.
ZAC 2109 early Spring Both armies clash on the outskirts of Old Helic City. The Liger Zero Falcon quietens the berserk Energy Liger.

→ See Fan Book EX 11.

Death Stinger ZS experiment on central continent’s Nicados Island.
3 Tigers Era
unknown year Zi-ARMS attacks ZOITEC with the Death Razor.
ZOITEC pursues the Dekalt Dragon with the Rayse Tiger.
Zi-ARMS launches the Mega Death Saurer.
Battle against the three tiger Zoids.
unknown year The Dynas Empire discovers changemize technology.
The Dynas Empire invades the Bieth Republic.
Three republic Zoids combine to form the Bitegriffon.
Both countries succeed in changemizing LB Zoids. The physiques of war change…