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Zoids Dictionary

Zoids Fuzors anime + FZ Zoids

Aaron Family F
Appears in Zoids Fuzors episode 17.
Their details are unknown but Kevin, Jay and Shin belong to a crime organisation.
Age Town F
A location in episode 1 of Zoids Fuzors. RD is supposed to deliver gems to this town.
Alpha Richter F
Appears in Zoids Fuzors. He is Blue City’s new mayor.
Alpha is a man of high aspiration, but in the shadows he forms the Richter Scale and envisions world conquest. Burton joining Savage Hammer as a spy was probably at the instruction of Alpha.
He is actually Sandra’s brother-in-law. Even if Sandra does unreasonable things, he ensures her safety. Furthermore, Luke is his son.
Altra Plains F
The place where Mach storm confronts Marvis in Zoids Fuzors episode 10.
Armoured Wolf F
Armour Wolf appears on the package of the FZ-edition Command Wolf. It is an example of the unison between Command Wolf and Boldguard. Boldguard’s changemize unit is equipped to the Wolf’s back.
Arosaurer BPS F : FZ-009
Appears in Zoids Fuzors. Chao pilots this Peace Keeping Bureau Zoid. The armour’s blue in colour and on its shoulder is a patrol lamp. Incidentally the anime Arosaurus has thicker legs and slight design differences.
In the Zoids VS.3 game it is called “Arosaurer PBS”.
Ash F
Appears in Zoids Fuzors. He is RD’s father. His whereabouts are unknown since he left on a journey to find the Legendary Zoids.
Keel Town F
Appears in episode 6 of Zoids Fuzors.
Haldo relies on Mach Storm escorting him to this town.
The hero of the Zoids Fuzor’s anime.
He is a young Zi-Fighter who belongs to the Zoid battle team Mach Storm. There is no mention of his mother and his father went missing while searching for the legendary Zoid so his childhood friend Sweet has looked after him like a sister.As the hero he has a cheerful personality but can also be considered the childish member of the team.
His Zoid is the Liger Zero.
Ultimate Seismo F : FZ-022
A Seismosaurus released with an FZ number. The colour has been changed to black and red, and the kit includes Scissor Storm, Laser Storm, and Styluarmor in the same colours.
Incidentally, in the anime, the base Seismosaurus is larger than the model, but both -Storm Zoids are about normal size.

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  1. Letters beside the entry titles denote where the entry has appeared in the Zoids universe. Hover over the letter for the full description. Designation numbers of Zoids and custom parts are noted there as well.
    Eg: Blade Liger N : RZ-028
  2. Old Zoids are those released between 1982 and 1990. New Zoids were released after 1999.
  3. All roman numberals are replace with arabic numbers.
    Eg: Globally 3, Gojulas Mk.2 (instead of Globally III, Gojulas Mk-II)
  4. When titles start with 'the', it is ignored (“The Devil’s Maze” apears under D).
  5. People are sorted by first name (if known), with titles in brackets at the end.
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