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Zoids Dictionary

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Active Shield N
Moveable shield that comes with the CP-25 Active Shield Unit.
Active Shield Unit N : CP-25
Custom parts for use by small-sized Zoids. The shield support arm moves freely. The active shield set also includes a smoke discharger, a grapple-use Strike Tonfer and a small-type Beam Cannon.
The set is green in colour, however a red version was sold as a Zoid Shop limited in May 2003.
Active Stealth N
Liger Zero’s optical camouflage function.
Alexandal Ground N
An area in the north of Europa.
Amargasaurus N
One of Brastle Tiger’s Changemize examples. This amargasaurus-type Zoid uses parts from Lord Gale, Diantler and Scissor Storm. It mows down enemies with its thick neck and tail, and since it stands out from head to tail it has excellent form for grapple battles where it can stab the enemy.
Anchor N
Equiped on all Zoids that have the ability to fire Charged Particle Guns (CPG). Keeps the Zoid still as it’s essential that a Zoid’s posture is stationary when firing a CPG.
Shadow Fox is also equipped with anchors but their use is unknown, although in the last episode of New Century the Shadow Fox uses its anchors to hold its body still while firing a Vulcan.
By fixing the Zoid to the ground, its accuracy is increased and—in the case of a Zoid being equipped with large weapons—the anchors help to suppress recoil when the weapon’s used.
Ander Sea N
A sea to the north of the Western Continent.
Anna Tarles N BC
First appears in Fan Book 3. She is a pilot of the experimental Death Stinger KFD and Wolff Muroa’s childhood friend. She died by the hand of Ray Gregg.
In the Zoids Official Fan Book 3 ace pilot list, she is a captain belonging to the 13th special task force 2nd secret military corps but in the posthumous writings at the beginning of “Evil Warrior Vs. Ultimate Wild Zoid” she is a 2nd Lieutenant. It is explained that she was promoted because she died in battle.
Anna is also a card in ZBC booster pack 5.
Aqua Erius N BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 6. A Gun Gyarado pilot of the Guylos Empire.
In Fan Book EX 05 he is a Captain of the Air Force. He pilots the Chimera Command Force’s Storch which is equipped with a Plasma Blade. A fight unfolds between him and a Raynos at low altitudes.
Arm Catcher N
Megaleon has this capture-type arm in its mouth.
The arm can expand and contract by manually turning the head dial of the model kit, and an included solider figure can be attached the the chameleon tongue.
Arosaurer O : RHI-08 N : RZ-067
The Republic Army’s Allosaurus-type Zoid released at the end of the old series.
As a successor to the Godos, it is sent to the Central Continent battle at the centre of the assault unit, but many disappear during the old war and the great disaster. Arosaurer is later mass-produced as a next-era main force Zoid on the Central Continent.
It was resold at the end of April 2003, and in the the Fan Book EX that comes with it, Arosaurer acquires responsibility as escort to the Gojulas Giga.
It’s melee capacity is high and it boasts the highest ability among Zoids of the same class.
Arthur Borgman N BC
First seen in Fan Book 2.
Arthur is an old republican ace pilot known as “Leo Master”. His first appearance is in a struggle to the death with Guylos Empire’s Ritz Runstead. He is later killed by a hit from a runaway Death Stinger.
Assault Armour Tail N B
BZ-023 Savinga’s tail equipment. It becomes leg armour when on Whitz Tiger.
Assault Gatling Unit N : CP-15
A custom part used by Elephander. This missile launcher and gatling cannon set is used in medium-range bombardment and in close-range battle against high-speed Zoids.
Assault Seeker N
A crab-type Command Zoid. Its name in the Attack Zoid series is Seabatross.
Assault Unit N : CP-02
Extra equipment for Saber Tiger. A Saber Tiger equipped with this is called the Saber Tiger AT.
Assistance Boosters N
Command Wolf AC’s equipment from the CP-04 Attack Unit. Acceleration boosters that attach to the Wolf’s back legs.
Attack Booster Unit N : CP-12
Custom Parts that strengthen the Blade Liger with a booster and a multi-use High Density Beam Cannon.
It also appears in one episode of the anime.
Attack Kong N
A gorilla-type Command Zoid. Its original name in the Attack Zoid series is Silver Kong.
Attack Unit N : CP-04
The optimum set for the Command Wolf, consisting of an AZ 2-Barrelled 250mm Long-Range Cannon and Assistance Booster. The Command Wolf force succeeds in upping bombardment power thanks to this equipment.
In May 2003 a modified black and white version was sold as a Zoids Shop limited.
Audhumla Peninsula N
A peninsula located on the western point of the Dark Continent Nyx.
Azz N
Appears in the Zoids Bible that comes with the Zoids Core Box. He is half-Earthling and half-Zoidian.
At the Big Zoids Expo event it was explained that he can use the Earth “Interface Cell” technology.
He is also referred to as “Second”.
The Blue Army N
The nickname of the 416 specially constructed Command Wolves forming the republican guerrilla troops. The name originates from the Zoids’ colouring. The 416 units later become a part of the Ray Force.
E-Shield O N
Abbreviation of Energy Shield.
When this kind of power occurs, it forms a barrier that protects against things like beams. It was first used by Shield Liger.
E-Shield Generator N
Equipment that creates an Energy Shield. It is equipped on likes of Blade Liger and Death Stinger.
Earth Plain N
A place on the Dark Continent Nyx.
Eisen Dragoons N
The strongest unit of the Guylos Empire’s Army. Although they appear loyal to the Guylos Empire, their true objective is reviving the Zenebas Empire.
EZ-xxx N
A designation number used for Zoids made by the Guylos Empire (and later Neo Zenebas and Zi-ARMS) in the 1999 Zoids line. The first Zoid is EZ-004 Red Horn.
Giga Crusher Fang N
Gojulas Giga’s melee weapon. Giga is able to crunch enemy Zoids with it’s large jaw and sharp fangs.
These fangs are mostly used in pursuit mode.
Giganotosaurus Wild Zoid N
A rare species that became that base to RZ-064 Gojulas Giga.
Capturing it is extremely difficult as it is an exceedingly powerful wild Zoid. Its habitat is probably on the central continent.
Ground Unit N
Electric discharge equipment on Liger Zero X’s tail.
Iceman N
A nickname given to Ritz Runstead, a test pilot of the Guylos Empire. He is an ice-like man; no matter what kind of Zoid he is piloting, he never becomes too hot.
His mind is disturbed in an encounter with a Geno Saurer.
Iguan O : EMZ-022 N : EZ-017
A Zoid developed by the Empire to opposed the Republic’s Godos. It is said that the two machines are like sisters, but Iguan excels in coordination ability.
Illusion City N
A city new the large wetlands at the south-west foot of Europa’s central mountain range. It’s part of the old Zenebas area.
Induction Anti-Air Missles N
Missiles mounted on Hammer Rock’s back. They look similar to Barigator’s missiles.
Inter-Cooler O N
Powered engine cooling equipment.
Shield Liger has it equipped all over its body. It makes the Liger capable of high-speed movement that surpasses that of the Sabre Tiger.
Ion Booster N
Propulsion equipment on Zoids such as Hammer Head, Dements and Liger Zero’s Jäger unit. It seems to operate very effectively in water.
Ion Booster Pack N
Berserk Führer’s propulsion equipment.
Ion Charger N
Technology that is able to activate a Zoid’s core. Is is equipped on Rev Raptor’s back.
Ion Turbo Booster N
Propulsion equipment on Liger Zero.
Iron Claw O N
God Kaiser’s weapons for fighting.
Storm Sworder is also equipped with the claws, but they can be replaced with a 2-barrelled pulse laser gun.
Iron Hammer Knuckle O N
Iron Kong’s fighting weapon.
Iron Kong O : EPZ-002 N : EZ-015
A gorilla-type Zoid developed by the old Zenebas Empire and later used by the Guylos Empire. The Guylos version has red eyes and a remodelled chest (the old kit uses 1xC battery while the new kit uses 2xAA).
In the old battle story a battle to the death unfolds between the Kong and a Gojulas, resulting in the end of Gojulas’ reign.
After Planet Zi’s great disaster it is the Guylos Empire’s strongest remaining Zoid and the only one able to oppose the Gojulas.
Iron Kong MS N
A Kong equipped with the CP-11 Manoeuvre Thruster set.
Iron Kong PK (Proitzen Knights) N
Also known as the Bloody Kong.
The PK is the Zoid piloted by Emperor Guylos’ bodyguards, the Proitzen Knights. With the exception of its name, it is identical to the Iron Kong Mk.2 Limited Type.
Iron Kong SS N CC
The Zoid of Major Karl Lichten Schwarz of the Guylos Empire.
Its right shoulder carries a beam gatling gun.
Irvine N CC GF C
First appears in the Chaotic Century anime. He initially wants to obtain the organoid of the main character, Van, but soon joins the journey as a companion.
His Zoid is a Command Wolf.
In Fan Book 2 he is a mercenary. He becomes the pilot of GTO.
In the comic he pilots a Stealth Viper.
Jäger Unit N : CP-20
One of the Liger Zero’s CASs. The Jäger unit is used to increase Zero’s mobility.
Johann Holst Schtauffen N BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 3. A Helcat pilot of the Guylos Empire.
According to Fan Book 3’s ace pilot list he has ace-ranking as a high-speed Zoid pilot but—due to his Zenebas origins—he is not given new Zoids. He is a sergeant of the special task force’s independent 88th high-speed combat battalion.
In Fan Book 4 he appears as an assassin attempting to kill Hermann and Schwarz. Piloting a Liger Zero X, he scraps Schwarz’s Saber Tiger, but is distracted by the Mad Thunder and killed at point-blank-range by the sniper rifle of Hermann’s König Wolf.
Jotun Plains N
Plains on the northern-most tip of the dark continent Nyx, located between Black Rust and the Muspell mountain range.
Karl Lichten Schwarz N CC GF C
Appears in the anime, Ueyama’s comic, and the Fan Books. He is a member of the Guylos Empire army. His rank in the Fan Books is major (vol. 1) and lieutenant colonel (vol. 2). In the anime his ranks are major (Chaotic Century) then colonel (Guardian Force).
With origins from the noble Schwarz family, he is opposed to the Proitzen faction.
His Zoids are the Iron Kong SS and Saber Tiger SS. He has a younger brother named Thomas.
Mt Iselina N CC
A mountain in south Europa. It is Viola’s hometown in Chaotic Century.
The Red Desert N
A desert on the Western Continent. It is also known as Red Rust.
RZ-xxx N
A designation number used for Zoids made by the Helic Republic (and later ZOITEC) in the 1999 Zoids line. The first Zoid is of course RZ-001 Gojulas.
Transport Division N
From Fan Books 2 and 3. Units in both the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire that support the mobile army.
The Zoid usually deployed is the Gustav, but Guylos also uses the transport-spec Molga, and transport versions of the Gordos and Cannon Tortoise are used by Helic. It can also be assumed that the airforces use Salamander Cargo, Whale Kaiser, and Whale Kings, the navy uses the Neo Turtle Ship, Ray Force uses Hover Cargo and Eisen Dragoons use the Dragoon Nest.
Transportation Unit N
The unit below the armoured division in Fan Book 1.
Ultimate Seismo Bombardment Spec. N
A Seismosaurus fuzed with BZ-015 Styluarmour, BZ-016 Scissor Storm, and BZ-017 Laser Storm. Storm Gatlings are mounted on both sides of its body and a Sword Rail Cannon on top. It is able to take part in bombardment from any range.
Ultimate Seismo Heavy Armour Spec. N
A Seismosaurus fused with BZ-016 Scissor Storm and BZ-017 Laser Storm.
In Fan Book EX 06 the Seismosaurus—originally a support machine—enters the front line because of the overwhelming battle power displayed by this Ultimate form. It annihilates the Arosaurer and Leo Striker troops, and defeats the Gojulas Giga with its Zenebas Cannon zero-distance range. It secured the Zenebas Empire’s complete rule over the central continent.
Ultimate Seismo Melee Spec. N
Seismosaurus fused with BZ-018 Styluarmor. It displays the Stylu Shield, which is mounted to it’s head and can be used in melee battles.
Whitz Armour Tail N
Whitz Wolf’s tail. It becomes foreleg armour on Whitz Tiger.
Whitz Wolf N : RZ-073
A wolf Zoid developed by the eastern continent’s corporate giant, ZOITEC.
This machine was originally a tiger-type Zoid. The core that it uses originally belonged to the Whitz Tiger, rumoured between Zi Fighters to be one of the legendary ancient tigers. However it is decided by the development team that the excess power of the Whitz Tiger is too much to control so the Tiger is separated into Whitz Wolf and Savinga so as to seal its powers.
Despite the peaceful times, a dispute lights up between the two corporations ZOITEC and ZiARMS because of the appearance of Whitz Wolf and Savinga.
In its Fan Book EX it shows how to construct the Heavy Arms Whitz Wolf and Kentrosaurus, although they do not appear in the story.
Model Data
X-Unit N
A Liger Zero CAS made by the Guylos Empire. Its stealth ability is high.
Ymir N
Eisen Dragoons’ base on the western edge of the dark continent Nyx.
Yupass Mountain Range N
A mountain range located just north of south Europa. There is no war here, but the Garil Ruins are in the north.
From the Fan Books.

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