BZ-023 Savinga

BZ-023 Savinga

サビンガ Flying Squirrel Type

The small-type blox Savinga is able to convert between a momonga* form that searches for enemies with pride and the musasabi* form that is skilled in grappling. Its true capabilities are shown when Savinga fuses with the wolf-type Zoid, Whitz Wolf, to form Whitz Tiger. Whitz Tiger is one of the 3 legendary ancient tigers and until ZAC 2230 a Zoid able to oppose its power did not exist.

* Momonga and musasabi are both types of flying squirrels. With this Zoid, the white head is that of a momonga, and the grey is a musasabi.


length: 10.8 m
height: 3.9 m
weight: 21.0 t
max speed: 820 km/h
parts: 36 (+4)
ring caps: 4
neo core blox: 1
blox: 2x black, 1x light grey
pilots: 1
release date: April 2005
  • Assault Armour Tail
  • Bottom Armour
  • Composite Sensor Eye (when momonga-type)
    Infra-Red Scope Eye (when musasabi-type)
  • Wing Slasher x2
  • Proud Skill: Wing Slash Combo
Kit Explanation:
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes