EZ-016 Saber Tiger

EZ-016 Saber Tiger

セイバータイガー Tiger Type

This Zoid was originally developed by the Zenebas Empire for the old Central Continent War. At that time, although it was a large Zoid, it could reach almost 200 km/h at full speed making it feared by all Republican soldiers. Then came the Shield Liger—faster than the Sabre Tiger. The Sabre Tiger became obsolete

The Guylos Empire remodelled the Tiger, rising the output of the power system and the cooling system and, as a result, the Tiger can now reach a full speed of 240 km/h.

The Saber Tiger, revived, hurries to the battlefield where its enemy Shield Liger awaits.


length: 15.6 m
height: 9.1 m
weight: 78.0 t
max land speed: 240 km/h
parts: 59
caps: 23
pilots: 1
kit level: 4
release date: 30 October 1999
  • AEZ 20mm Beam Gun x2
  • Anti-Zoid 3-Barrelled Shock Gun
  • Anti-Zoid 30mm Double-Barrelled Beam Gun
  • Compound Sensor Unit
  • Infra-Red Laser Searcher (Right)
  • Killer Saber x2
  • Small-Caliber Anti-Zoid Laser Machine Gun (Left)
  • Strike Claw x4
  • TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2
Kit Explanation:
  • Motorised Walking Action
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes
  • Mouth Opens (Motor)
  • Weapons Move (Motor)

Battle Story

ZAC 2099… The peace which lasted for over 40 years has come to an end. Before the peace there was a war between the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic. The war ended in a truce. Now, in order to find a conclusive winner, a new war between the two countries has started on the Western Continent of Europa.

In the sea between the Dark Continent Nyx and the Central Continent Delpoi there is the Triangle Daras - an area filled with strong electromagnetic waves. The Empire wished to avoid this area so they planned to invade the Central Continent by the western route. The Helic Republic got word of this information and at once dispatched its Zoids.

However the Empire had been preparing for this invasion for several years and its advantage over the Republic was clear. In barely one week the Republic’s front-line troops fell into crisis. They retreated and both countries aimed for a new goal…

Mt Olympus. Located in the central north of the Western Continent, it has been nick-named “The Roof of Europa”. From the top of Olympus all of the Western Continent can be seen. The mountain would be an important asset to both sides.

The Empire almost has full control of the Mercurius Lake that surrounds Mt Olympus. The Republic's high-speed Command Wolf and Shield Liger rush to the defence… however they run into deep crimson Imperial Zoids. These are EZ-016 Saber Tiger, whose high speed and efficiency is a match for the Shield Liger.