EZ-018 Saicurtis

EZ-018 Saicurtis

サイカーチス Beetle Type

An old Zenebas Zoid that is expert at ground attacks. Saicurtis is a small flight Zoid. Its air combat does not match that of the Redler or Pteras but it is one of the best ground combat Zoids.

It participates as a part of the Imperial Guard.


length: 11.9 m
height: 3.7 m
weight: 17.4 t
max land speed: 390 km/h
parts: 20
caps: 6
pilots: 1
kit level: 2
release date: 30 October 1999
  • Anti-Zoid 20mm 2-Barrelled Beam Gun
  • Compound Sensor Unit
  • Flexible Thruster Binder x2
  • Small-Calibre Charged Particle Beam Gun x2
Kit Explanation:
  • Wind-Up Walking Action
  • Pilot Can Ride Inside
  • Antenna Moves (Manual)
  • Wing Mobility (Manual)

Battle Story

ZAC 2099… The peace that lasted for 40 years has ended. The two large powers, the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic, confronted each other on the Western Continent of Europa, but the fight was one-sided. The Empire—who had been preparing for this war for several years—easily overwhelmed the Republic.

Today the sound of EZ-018 Saicurtis roars through the Republic camps. A Republic Zoid that can opposed this Zoid’s ground attack does not exist on this battlefield.