RZ-029 Storm Sworder

RZ-029 Storm Sworder

ストームソーダー Pteranodon Type

By adopting Imperial technology, Republic technicians were able to complete the Storm Sworder. Part of this medium sized Zoid’s power system has been installed on the outside—making it possible to produce variations of the Zoid. It has a new style engine pod and Magnesser Wings. By using the Turbo Boosters on the engine pod, the Storm Sworder can reach speeds of Mach 3.2 and as it speeds past its enemy it tears the enemy apart with its Wing Sword.


length: 10.1 m
height: 12.9 m
weight: 47.0 t
max air speed: mach 3.2
parts: 48
caps: 18
pilots: 1
kit level: 4
release date: 30 March 2000
  • 2-Barrelled Pulse Laser Gun x2
  • Engine Pod
  • Iron Claw x2
  • Top Sword
  • Wing Sword x2
Kit Explanation:
  • Wind-Up Walking Action
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes
  • Weapon Variations

Battle Story

ZAC 2100… At the beginning of the year northern Europa had recovered temporary calmness due to the Empire’s short supply line. As the Imperial headquarters hurry with the reorganisation of the replenishment unit they are also preparing for the all-out assault that will come. They unite the portion of new model OS (Organoid System) Zoids—Geno Saurer and Rev Raptor—that were dispatched to Seinan. The Republic army causes fear when it defeats an Imperial Geno Saurer.

The Republic's new model Zoids are completed. The Blade Liger and Storm Sworder. It has been said that the power of these two Zoids can repaint the power figure of both armies.