EZ-074 Death Razor

EZ-074 Death Razor

デスレーザー Therizinosaurus Type

Planet Zi: In the eastern continent’s Blue City the Republic has joined with the enterprise ZOITEC and the Empire with Zi-ARMS. Zoid Cores from 3 ancient tiger Zoids have been found.

Because they have the Zoid Core from inside an ancient tiger, ZOITEC develops the Whitz Tiger. Contempt between the two large companies begins to intensify…

Death Razor is the newest grapple Zoid made by Zi-ARMS. Its multi-part armour is a dangerous weapon and at the same time it can refract enemy’s beam weapons so less damage is received. Additionally on the waist section a large type plasma blade is equipped. Although it has a simple body it has more than sufficient battle power. Nevertheless, Death Razor’s true value is its fusion ability. This is because when it fuses with another Zoid its core resonance is raised and the body’s standard capacity is able to rapidly increase. Death Razor, when fused with its support Blox Para Blade, becomes the Decalt Dragon. Decalt’s battle power far exceeds that of past Zoids in the same class.

Battle Story

ZAC 2230, the eastern continent, Blue City. Zoids are no longer used as weapons—instead in this peaceful era they are used for transport, construction work and preserving public peace. Only permitted people are allowed to equip Zoids with weapons—the Zi-Fighters. These Zoid pilots attend battles where they compete in their Zoids. Battle entrants can win large amounts of prize money and honour. Zi-Fighters are always seeking more powerful Zoids and weapons in order to win. Legends are whispered between these Zi-Fighters; Legends of three ancient tiger Zoids that possess special Zoid cores. The legend says that the person who obtains the three Zoids would have invincible power.