Battle Story - Graphics Vol.1

Battle Story - Graphics Vol.1

This tale begins when the spaceship ‘Globally III’ made an emergency landing on the unknown planet Zoid.

This was when human achievement advanced past the solar system and entered an era of universal voyages to fixed stars. A huge spaceship aimed to fly from Earth’s space station to distant planets. The ship’s name was Globally III. A great number of people risked the ride out of the solar system on Globally III; there were pioneers who aimed at a new heaven and Earth, scientists who planned to explain the mysteries of the universe, Galaxy Syndicate (GS) members with dreams of getting rich quick, and many others.

Before long Globally III, keeping to a super light-speed cruise, arrived at the centre of the galaxy. There they discovered a portion of the solar system that was entirely reverse to the Earth’s solar system. At the center of this solar system was medium-sized sun, similar to Earth’s, and 6 planets. Moreover on the second planet, the existence of flocks of strange creatures and intelligent life was confirmed. Excitement ran through the crew of Globally III.

Here unexpected things awoke.

Rebellion arose inside Globally III. Since departure from Earth, the GS members and the ship’s captain were sharply opposed to each other and their rebellion had become an issue. The GS members had a heavy trade business and they calmly carried it out. However the captain had a reputation on Earth and the trading was not permitted. Inside the ship a battle started between the factions. Large amounts of damage began to appear in various places on the gigantic spaceship. Before long, Globally III’s operation system was destroyed and flight became impossible. The GS members escaped, taking all the small rescue ships.

The remaining people became desperate, but they regained control of Globally III and made an emergency landing on the second planet.

Due to the circumstances, a majority of the crews’ lives were lost. Nevertheless, some of the passengers were safe.

The planet Zoid had a similar atmosphere to Earth.

Apart from the ground being covered by exposure to a metal reef, the second planet’s landscape was very similar to that of Earth’s. There was not as much green, but there were seas and flowing streams and wide planes and forests. The main characteristics of this planet were the many high rocky mountains and its exposure to the metal reef.

Globally III landed in the desert at the foot of a tall mountain range. The remaining crew searched and found a form of life. The body was very similar to the dinosaurs that prospered in Earth’s past although an intelligent life controlled this dinosaur. The intelligent life walked on two legs when he was not in the reptile and called himself a Zoidian. He informed the Globally III members of the machine that was similar to the dinosaurs—the Zoids. This second planet was also called Zoid. Straight after the first contact with the Zoidian, a Zoidian party in machines like pterosaurs launched an attack from the sky. The new Zoid unit appeared to be opposing the earth unit. A violent battle began, and ended with the earth troop’s victory but another attack came from the sky. The earth Zoidian withdrew and guided the Earthlings to his capital.

The city was a city-nation with stone-built buildings. The Zoidians, who mainly farmed and hunted, had similar thoughts and emotions as the humans, but there was a big difference between the two worlds’ lives. The Earthlings enquired to understand more; they had carried out evolution the same as on Earth but the dinosaurs had never become extinct. At the time the Earthlings arrived, the Zoidians were separated into two factions; the Zoidians who helped the stranded Earthlings believed in republicanism and had formed the ‘Helic Republic’. Their enemy was the ‘Zenevas Empire’, that believed in nobility/slavery. The GS members had already become part of the empire. The mountain range that separated the two countries had caused dispute between the Zoidians and when the Earthlings came a new war was welcomed. The Earthlings lent their skills to remodel the war-machines. The Zoids became powerful weapons.

Now, 60,000 light-years from Earth, the flow of a magnificent time began.

The Zoids, whose bodies are constructed of metal, began their evolution several million years ago.

There are many kinds of Zoids—land life, water life, etc. These forms are similar to Earth’s dinosaurs, insects, birds and mammals, however they are fully constructed of metal and they have a living sphere at the centre of their body that could be considered their heart as it controls the whole body. The machines gain nourishment from metal. Herbivorous Zoids ‘eat’ food that contains metal; from there the metal goes through an ion change, which they absorb (digest) and their metal is reconstructed with metal containing the necessary ions. The carnivorous Zoids’ ion-changing ability is low, therefore they must prey on other machines to obtain their necessary metal-quality.