Battle Story - Graphics Vol.2

Battle Story - Graphics Vol.2

Zoid Story Outline.

It was a period when human achievement advanced past the solar system and entered an era aimed at flying to other planets. The crew of Arthur Hinomoto* and many passengers on the gigantic spaceship ‘Globally III’ set off on a voyage from Earth’s space station. Before long they were 60,000 light-years from Earth and across the other side of the Galaxy, where they discovered a solar system that was in an exact reverse location than Earth’s solar system.

At the time, a large amount of trouble occurred in the ship and Globally III’s management system was destroyed, so an emergency landing had to be performed on an unknown planet. There was a big explosion. The planet had a similar atmosphere to Earth, but there was little greenery. Globally III’s surviving crew and passengers were caught by a strange life form and taken away. However Arthur Hinomoto barely managed to escape from the accident, and was full of doubt about this planet.

While roaming the planet they came into contact with a gigantic dinosaur that had been wounded in battle and met an old soldier. Arthur Hinomoto learned from the soldier that the strange planet was called ‘Zoid’, the life similar to a dinosaur was a ‘Zoid Gojulas’ and the intelligent life that managed it was a ‘Zoidian’. He also learned of the two countries on planet Zoid—the Helic Republic and the Zenevas Empire—and their long history of dispute. And he learned that Globally III’s crew might be arrested by the empire.

The old soldier was a republican. He told of ancient days when there was peace on the planet. However this soldier had been defeated by the Imperial Army’s assault. Arthur Hinomoto rose up, in order to rebuild the Zoid Gojulas and save his companions from Imperial arrest. He began a new war to bring peace back to the planet Zoid.

* Arthur Hinomoto: アーサ日乃本. I’m not too sure about the romanisation of the surname.