Battle Story - Graphics Vol.3

Battle Story - Graphics Vol.3

Imperial and republic mecha enter the frontline one after another! The planet’s battle of limits once again intensifies!

EMZ-04 Ketra *actually a triceratops Zoid sold as ‘Geruder’
This new mecha entered the war as the main Zoid of the Zenevas side, replacing the Merda. Merda had superior mobility but because its armour was weak its exhaustion would become high. Due to this, Ketra’s mobility had been increased so armour could be strengthened, raising its durability when bombed and therefore rising its rate of survival.

EMZ-05 Bakki *actually sold as ‘Zatton’
Due to its heavy armour (that could be considered an imperial tradition) Bakki’s mobility and combat power was decreased. Because of this its main uses were for support, transportation and reconnaissance. Its high cockpit made it especially valuable as a reconnaissance-type Zoid, but its capability was not restricted to off the battlefield—it could also work at the frontline.

EPZ-01 Red Horn
The whole body of this main imperial task force’s Zoid is armoured similar to that of a porcupine. This armour, that has been made from a special metal, was strong enough to deflect assaults from republican firearms. In the corner of its head there was a weakness—it couldn’t see any enemy machines there. Red Horn bore an assault unit and it was the strongest imperial Zoid.

EMZ-01 Merda
Merda’s main characteristic was the nimble movement obtained from its style. A rapid-fire missile pod was equipped on its back and speed assault could be achieved. However its armour was thin. This weak point could become a problem when fatigue began during a fight.

EMZ-02 Gator
This Zoid had been loaded with the newest electrical equipment and it displayed capacity that excelled in all reconnaissance work during the afternoon and evening. When an enemy approached, the attack power from the gatling cannon mounted on Gator’s back could, at a stretch, destroy the Zoid.

EMZ-03 Molga
Molga was feared by republican soldiers due to its proud style and heavy armour. Its head had two times the normal armour and, given time, it could destroy an enemy with a ramming assault. It was deployed in assault and special units, and just as expected, it could also serve in the raid unit.