BZD-02 Blitz Haken

BZD-02 Blitz Haken

ブリッツハーケン Velociraptor Type

This small Blox with light weight armour was developed by Zi-ARMS to support Brastle Tiger.

With its nimble body it possesses excellent manoeuvre capability, and with its quick movement it can make sport of its enemy. The grapple ability in Blitz Haken's arms, legs and tail claws is called 'Haken' and can mince enemies.

Blitz Harken's battle-purpose is reconaissonce and suprise attacks, it can also do construction, military and communication missions - it has a diverse range of purposes. When it unites with an existing Zoid it can extremly excel the machine's characteristics.


  • 2-Barrelled Blast Heavy Machine Gun
  • Claw Haken
  • Smash Haken
  • Tail Haken


Blitz Haken was a limited edition kit released with an issue of the Dengeki Hobby Magazine.