RZ-020 Stealth Viper

RZ-020 Stealth Viper

ステルスバイパー Stag Beetle Type

This odd Zoid’s long, unique form makes it an expert at approaching undetected; lying hidden in the forest or desert waiting for its enemy to approach then pouncing with a single murderous blow. Abundant in anti-air equipment, it is feared by flight Zoids.

Stealth Viper is a terrestrial Zoid.


length: 20.8 m
height: 3.0 m
weight: 23.6 t
max land speed: 180 km/h
parts: 36
caps: 12
pilots: 1
kit level: 2
release date: 22 November 1999
  • 2-Barrelled Rocket Launcher x2
  • 40mm Heavy Machine Gun x2
  • Small-Calibre Anti-Air Laser Machine Gun x2
  • Surface-To-Air 2-Barrelled Missiles
Kit Explanation:
  • Wind-Up Travelling Action
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes
  • Neck Moves (Manual)
  • Weapons Mobility (Manual)

Battle Story

ZAC-2099… The fight between the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire in the western continent of Europa—in which the Imperial troops are dominating—has advanced.

The Empire, whom has won the most important base atop Mt Olympus, puts its next plans into action. In the ruins on the top of the mountain is buried the technology of the old civilisation which, in the hands of the Empire, could lead to the revival of the strongest Zoid, the Death Saurer.

In order to hide its plan from the Republic, Imperial troops have strengthened the pressure on the Republic’s front-line. However offensive attacks in the forest and desert fail. There, RZ-020 Stealth Viper lies waiting.