EZ-026 Geno Saurer

EZ-026 Geno Saurer

ジェノザウラー Stag Beetle Type

Due to its Organoid System (OS), this Zoid has advanced capabilities. While planning the revival of the Death Saurer from the ruins the Imperial engineering department analysed the Organoid System and loaded it experimentally onto a new-model Zoid. The completed Zoid is the Geno Saurer. When the Organoid System in the Zoid core is activated, the Zoid’s speed and power exceed all expectations and are close to being impossible.


length: 23.0 m
height: 11.7 m
weight: 112.8 t
max land speed: 260 km/h
parts: 84 (+2)
caps: 32
pilots: 1 (Raven)
kit level: 5
release date: 2 March 2000
  • Anchor (Footlock)
  • Focused Charged Particle Gun
  • Hyper Killer Claw x2
  • Hyper Killer Fang
  • Hyper Strike Claw x2
  • Laser Gun
  • Laser Sensor
  • Long-Range Pulse Laser Rifle x2
Kit Explanation:
  • Motorised Walking Action
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes
  • Eyes Glow (Motor)
  • Mouth Opens and Closes (Motor)
  • 2x Raven Figures (Sitting and Standing)

Battle Story

ZAC 2100… The Guylos Empire landed in northern Europa. Imperial troops had an overwhelming victory against the Republic. The Republican military withdrew into the eastern forest and resorted to guerrilla warfare.

The Guylos Empire however made a couple of mistakes in its rush to conduct fast attacks. Its supply line was over-streatched and the Empire had to stop attacking. The other mistake was getting blocked by the Republic forces during the Empire’s attempt to use an ancient civilisation’s technology, found in ruins, to resurrect the Death Saurer.

The continent received temporary calmness but the Imperial headquarters decided to send out its new-model Zoids, Geno Saurer and Rev Raptor, to the continent. The purpose of these two Zoids is to find and control the ruins of the ancient civilisation. The Imperial engineering department has analysed and installed the new Organoid System into both Zoids and they’re ready to storm the continent.