RZ-035 Lightning Saix

RZ-035 Lightning Saix

ライトニングサイックス Cheetah Type

In high-speed and quick-attack battles the Helcat excelled. But while fierce battles continued the Republic threw in Zoid after Zoid and the Helcat became unable to oppose these new Zoids. The Imperial development department developed a next generation high-speed Zoid. After the addition of an OS the Lightning Saix was born.

With the aid of the booster pack on the back section an amazing speed of 325 km/h can be reached without sacrificing mobility. It exceeds the ability of the Blade Liger!


length: 18.4 m
height: 8.8 m
weight: 65.0 t
max land speed: 325 km/h
parts: 66
caps: 16
pilots: 1
kit level: 5
release date: 28 September 2000
  • Booster Packs
  • Double-Barrelled Vulcan Gun
  • Laser Killer Fang x2
  • Pulse Laser Rifle x2
  • Strike Laser Claw x4
  • Vertical Stabiliser x2
  • Wing Stabiliser x2
Kit Explanation:
  • Wind-Up Walking Action (2-Speed)
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes
  • Mobile Wing Stablilisers (Manual)
  • Neck Moves (Manual)
  • Claws Move (Manual)

Battle Story

ZAC 2100… In order to have a decisive winner from the battles in north Europa the Guylos Empire ordered a full-scale attack from Mutsumini. It ended in failure when the Helic Republic’s Gojulas the Ogre and Hammer Head struck. The delivery of supplies and equipment failed to reach the Empire’s frontline troops and they collapsed.

Less than one year ago the Empire was strong and in absolute control of the war. Now they are almost at the point of surrender. However the Empire continues to replace its many lost units and Imperial troops believe they still have the potential to succeed. If they can reorganise quickly the war situation could possibly be reversed. Bearing such an expectation, Imperial HQ sends out new Zoids. Geno Breaker—a strengthened Geno Saurer—and the super high-speed Zoid Lightning Saix for a sudden attack.

Can those two new Zoids that contain the most up-to-date Imperial technology stop the large counter-attack of the Republic?