EZ-036 Death Stinger

EZ-036 Death Stinger

デススティンガー Sea Scorpion Type

After reviving the Geno Saurer, by culturing a Zoid nucleus from the ancient ruins of south Europa with an experimental Organoid, the Death Stinger was born. It exceeds Rev Raptor's “True Organoid” System. Death Stinger’s level of combative heart, vital force and agile characteristics is unfathomed. Of course, it’s also equipped with new Imperial technology. It has a Charged Particle Gun and laser weapons for various battles. Furthermore, it has the same heavy armour as the Death Saurer. Death Stinger is amphibious.


length: 19.4 m (land)/28.8 m (sea)
height: 10.7 m (land)/4.8 m (sea)
weight: 320.0 t
max land speed: 185.0 km/h
max underwater speed: 72 knots
parts: 94
caps: 36
pilots: 1
kit level: 5
release date: 12 October 2000
  • AZ 35mm Vulcan Gun x4
  • AZ 105mm Linear Cannon x2
  • AZ 120mm Hyper Beam Gun x2
  • AZ 930mm Double-Barrelled Shock Cannon
  • Charged Particle Gun
  • E-Shield Generator
  • Laser Cutter x2
  • Laser Fang x2
  • Rocket Booster x2
  • Strike Laser Bite Scissors x2
Kit Explanation:
  • Motorised Travelling Action
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes

Battle Story

ZAC 2100… The North Europa War, dominated by the Guylos Empire, faced an important turning point with the large counter-attack of the Helic Republic. In the central part of the continent the Republic set up camp, 1000 km from the Imperial base. The Imperial troop was eventually overcome.

If the Empire succeeds in reorganising itself it will probably once again dominate this war. However if not…

If the war is prolonged victory will be the Empire’s. So that the Empire can make it true, Geno Breaker and Lightning Saix were created and sent into battle. Now a 3rd new-model Zoid, discovered in the ancient ruins of South Europa, follows. The Death Stinger arrives. The power of this new Zoid exceeds that of even the Geno Breaker. Imperial headquarters had high expectations, but no one expected this much.

As battle between the Blade Liger and Geno Breaker unfolds, Death Stinger enters and attacks both Zoids. Whether this is the pilot’s reckless driving or the Organoid is unknown. Is this the monster that cannot be controlled?