RZ-037 Ultrasaurus

RZ-037 Ultrasaurus

ウルトラザウラス Ultrasaurus Type

The enormous amphibious Ultrasaurus was developed by the Helic Republic during the age of the Central Continent War. Ultra’s combat power is impressive because it was built to stand up to the Death Saurer. Its main weapon is the 360mm Linear Cannon, along with various missiles and anti-air artillery. Furthermore, installation of a 1200mm Ultra Cannon is possible. The only weakness of this Zoid is its gigantic figure; its slow movement means that it preforms poorly in high-speed fights.


length: 50.0 m
height: 27.5 m
weight: 507.0 t
max land speed: 50.0 km/h
max sea speed: 47.0 kn
parts: 130
caps: 59
pilots: 8
kit level: 5
release date: 25 October 2000
  • 8-Barrelled Missile Launchers
  • 360mm Linear Cannon x4
  • AAZ 90mm 3-Barrelled Pulse Laser Gun x2
  • AAZ 100mm 2-Barrelled Beam Gun x2
  • AAZ 120mm Beam Cannon x2
  • AAZ Manoeuvre Missile x4
  • AZ 6-Barrelled High-Manoeuvre Missile Pod x2
  • Catapult (for Small Vehicles)
  • Communication Antenna
  • Hydro-Jet Cutters x2
  • Hyper Killer Bite Fang
  • Radar
  • Small Vehicles X2
Kit Explanation:
  • Motorised Walking Action
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes
  • Turret Mobility (Motorised)
  • Vehicle Launching (Manual)

Battle Story

ZAC 2100… The North Europa War, dominated by the Guylos Empire, faced an important turning point with the large counter-attack of the Helic Republic. In the central part of the continent the Republic set up camp, 1000 km from the Imperial base. The Imperial troop was eventually overcome.

If the Empire succeeds in reorganising itself it will probably once again dominate this war. However if not…

If the war is prolonged victory will be the Empire’s. In order to win the battle the Republican military decides to send out their ultimate Zoid. As of ZAC 2100 only one of these machines exists. It is the president’s private machine, a symbol of the Republic. It is the super-large Zoid, Ultrasaurus.

As for its mission, Ultra has been equipped with the 1200mm Ultra Cannon that had been developed by the Republic Engineering Department. One shot at an Imperial base and the Republic will have victory. The bullet range of this big gun can erase a city 100km away in a single blow.

Will Ultrasaurus be able to the get past the demonic Geno Breaker and Death Stinger and end this battle with the Empire?