EZ-044 Zabat

EZ-044 Zabat

ザバット Bat Type

Zabat is the first computer-piloted Zoid. It attacks its enemies with a homing missile. Unmanned, this Zoid does not fear the attacks of the Republic soldiers. Zabat’s cockpit can be converted into a manned cockpit. This machine can also be utilised as a stealth Zoid.


length: 10.2 m
height: 3.7 m
weight: 25.0 t
max air speed: Mach 2.8
parts: 47
caps: 9
pilots: 1
kit level: 3
release date: 22 March 2001
  • 145mm Laser Gun x2
  • Doppler Radar x2
  • Homing Bomb
  • Hyper Killer Claw x2
  • Infra-Red Ray Scopes x3
  • Magnesser Wing x2
Kit Explanation:
  • Cockpit Opens and Closes
  • Mobile Neck (Manual)
  • Shootable Homing Bomb (Manual)
  • Can be Hung Up-Side Down (by Stand)

Battle Story

ZAC-2101… The amphibious operation to the dark continent Nyx has been delayed by the Death Stinger that was sent to the western continent by the Imperial Regent Günther Prozen. The Death Stinger strikes the main point of the Republic Military, with orders to destroy the Ultrasaurus. Accompanying the Death Stinger is the mass-produced Zabat, piloted by computers. Can the Raynos air party and the Spinosaurus protect the Ultrasaurus?