EZ-069 Seismosaurus

EZ-069 Seismosaurus

セイスモサウルス Seismosaurus Type

The Neo Zenebas Empire’s urgent attack, which aimed to completely control the central continent, could have meant the extermination of the Helic Republic’s surviving military force. In the Republic there was the invincible Zoid that combined mighty grapple capability with mobility—the Gojulas Giga. However the Empire attacked from outside rifle range distance which meant all Giga’s special abilities became invalid. An “anti-Gojulas Giga long distance bombardment type” Zoid had been developed. The base of this machine was a brontosaurus-type Zoid. In order to fire at Giga’s ancient titanium armour from a super-long distance the Zoid’s long body had been utilised as a charged particle cannon’s gun-barrel and particle accelerator.

In the summer of ZAC 2106, the Imperial technology department finished a huge Zoid that had a super-focused charged particle cannon (aka, the Zenebas cannon). This was the Seismosaurus. Now the arrival of the biggest crisis for the Republic Army and their Gojulas Giga is here!

Zoid Explanation

About 50 years ago during the large war, after the collapse of the old Zenebas empire, the technicians fled to the dark continent. They gave their skills to the Guylos Empire and invented masterpieces such as the Geno Saurer and Berserk Führer. But these were, after all, Zoids of Guylos. Now that Zenebas has been reborn, high-ranked officers who once knew of Imperial glory have begun to long for a genuine Zenebas-made Zoid. The technical department launched a newly developed machine made from the base of the old Zenebas Empire's strongest Zoid, Death Saurer. They knew the Republic had developed an enormous Zoid, the Gojulas Giga.

Giga’s mighty grapple ability combined with mobility makes it an invincible Zoid in close combat. This monster’s high output E-shield and ancient titanium armour can endure even a Death Saurer’s large-calibre charged particle cannon. Imperial officers demanded battle power that surpassed that of the new Giga. The technology department’s answer to oppose this Zoid was a way that would make Giga’s special abilities invalid. Namely, plans for the “Death Saurer long-distance cannon type”.

Even so, Giga’s armour was not fragile—it could withstand a bombardment from a long distance. When charged particles travel a long distance they scatter and their power drops. For the Death Saurer long-distance type, the tyrannosaurus was sacrificed for a brontosaurus type Zoid. Seismosaurus was adopted. Its long body is the particle accelerator and gun-barrel of a charged particle cannon. Therefore the concentrated charged particle cannon fire radiates over a wide area. The development of a super long weapon that doesn't lose power over a long distance was a success. Up to now charged particles would dissolve at high pressures and could be deflected. The super-focused charged particle cannon (nicknamed the Zenebas cannon) which can travel over long distances without loosing power, was completed.

The Death Saurer had a sole weakness—the charged particle intake fan set up in its abdomen could become an easy target, so it was left off this new Zoid. Also, for grapple battles the new Zoid was equipped with a bite fang and weighted impact tail. When in medium and close range combat the charged particle cannon is substituted for the 31-gate small-calibre 2-barrelled laser machine gun. With one shower from this gun Seismosaurus can wipe out all surrounding enemies in a clean sweep. As well as this it was installed with mounts that unite with Blox parts which, in turn, strengthen the Zoid’s armament.

The Zenebas Empire’s soul and skill gathers with the rollout of Seismosaurus. It is certainly a worthy Zoid to lead the new empire.

About Wild Zoids

The wild Zoids that inhabit the planet Zi are living animals (such as dinosaurs, beasts and insects) with a metal exterior. Battle Zoids are captured wild Zoids that have had their Zoid Core (an interior sphere—similar to the brain, nerves, heart, etc) saved and portions of the machine replaced. While developing an anti-Giga type Zoid the Imperial technology department attained a stubborn large wild Zoid that could endure fire from a super-focused charged particle cannon. Its candidacy as a wild Zoid form of Death Saurer or Whale King rose as it was established that this brontosaurus type wild Zoid could support a heavy weight with its tough durability and energy deliverance. The wild Seismosaurus Zoid was chosen to be an anti-Giga type Zoid’s base.


length: 53.5 m
height: 10.9 m
weight: 198.0 t
max land speed: 70.0 km/h
parts: 188 (+1 extra)
caps: 16 (+2 extra)
pilots: 3
kit level: 5
release date: 2003
  • 2-Barrelled Emplacement-Type Beam Cannon x2
  • Blox Mount x9
  • Charged Particle Intake Fan
  • Ground-To-Air 8-Barrelled Beam Cannon (Seismo 8-Barrelled Cannon)
  • Killer Bite Fang
  • Small-calibre 2-Barrelled Laser Machine Gun x31
  • Super-Focused Charged Particle Cannon (Zenebas Cannon)
  • Weighted Impact Tail
Kit Explanation:
  • Blox Interacting Unit - Installation of Blox is possible
  • Can Attach to Display Stand
  • Ground-To-Air 8-Barrelled Beam Cannon Moves (Manual)
  • Mobility of 2-Barrelled Emplacement-Type Beam Cannon (Manual)
  • Neck and Tail Move when Walking (Motorised)
  • Zenebas Cannon Appears (Manual)


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Battle Story

→ See Fan Book EX 6.