RPZ-011 Gunbluster

RPZ-011 Gunbluster

ガンブラスター Ankylosaurus Type


length: 19.0 m
height: 8.1 m
width: 9.3 m
weight: 125 t
max land speed: 120 km/h
parts: 57
caps: 14
pilots: 1
release date: July 1989

Battle Story

ZAC 2053, the Republic Army was in a bitter fight against the Dark Army’s mighty war potential. Shuu received enemy assault beyond all expectations when his flying Zoid, Raynos, was ordered to deploy. The support force was requested for the Republic’s President, Helic. A powerful magnetic storm raged in the sea around Triangle Daras and all the electric waves were unfamiliar. Due to this the only means of communication was directly, so the Dark Army’s attack, lead by Störmer, became more and more violent. Republic casualties increased as their food was at a complete bottom. However by no means did this weaken their intentions to fight. Emperor Guylos began to get irritated with thoughts of a prolonged war and the blame was set on Störmer’s slow assault. Störmer finally ordered all troops into the greatest assault; They presented themselves in front of the Republic soliders and arranged the greeting shots. Nobody was prepared for it.

Shuu’s tranceiver was activated at that moment. The Raynos was accompanied by the support force.

“Captain, You're late.”

The voice was cut off before it finished as a leading Dark Horn Unit emitted sudden fire. Shuu’s eyes dived down to see a strange machine fire from a 3-barrelled rolling cannon installed on its back—the Dark Horn was unable to defend itself from these blows—it seemed as though the Zoid’s entire body was a single, hardened weapon.

“Captain. Introducing the Republic’s new machine, Gunbluster. From today please use it as your machine, Captain Shuu. It’s a present from the president.”

The appearance of Gunbluster was not expected by Commander Störmer. The shock he got was large. However the Imperial Army’s calm, brave commander had every intent to fight. Störmer was determined to have the Dark Horn unit retreat into the depths of God Cry so his troop could repair itself. God Cry was a narrow valley; in there the Gunbluster would be crowded and the power of its rolling cannon would be reduced to half. The conclusion could be met there. At the battlefield where the two similar Zoids met, Shuu ordered the Dark Horn cockpit to open and saw the razor-like eyes of the commander. At the same time Störmer looked at the young officer in the Gunbluster’s cockpit. The two people didn’t know each other but this was the first meeting of Störmer and Shuu, two people who had become rivals during the long war.

Both armies withdrew to recover from fatigue. With Gunbluster thrown into the frontline a change in power began to appear. The Republic Army, who had obtained a powerful support force, began to advance into the dark continent as a new army ready to oppose the Dark Army. At the centre of the continent both armies began a fierce battle. A heroical war was being formed as the battle intensified.