DPZ-021 Ice Blazer

DPZ-021 Ice Blazer

アイスブレーザー Doberman Type


length: 14.4 m
height: 9.4 m
width: 10.8 m
weight: 64 t
max land speed: 390 km/h
parts: 60
caps: 12
pilots: 1
release date: June 1990

Battle Story

ZAC 2056, the Republic’s Zenebas rescue operations focused on the development of the Orudios troop. When this unit combines with the unique Transfighters unit they can form new Zoids and remarkably increase their battle power. The Transfighters unison formation operations with Orudios, King Baron and God Kaiser were especially developed.

The Dark Army’s advance guard was crushing. The Republic Army deployed new-type Zoids in order to protect their operations. The Dark Army’s Emperor Guylos was opposed to this and depended on the city’s army command department to order a single operation.

“…… Depart!”