RPZ-021 Battle Cougar

RPZ-021 Battle Cougar

バトルクーガー Griffin Type


length: 21.0 m
height: 9.0 m
width: 16.0 m
weight: 60 t
max land speed: 240 km/h
max air speed: Mach 3.8
parts: 49
caps: 6
pilots: 1
release date: July 1990

Battle Story

ZAC 2056, on the dark continent the Dark Army’s strongest unit was ordered to depart by Emperor Guylos to completly destroy the Republic Army.

In order to carry out their duty to rescue Zenebas, the Republic Orudios unit repeated a terrible charge. The dark continent’s Devil’s Maze area was already crushing the Dark Army. They arrived at the Dark Capital. Furthermore, the Republic Army deployed its Transfighter, Thunder Cannon, and the Zenebas rescue operations where at a stretch.

In turn, the full strength of the Dark Army’s strongest unit was now obvious.