Zoids Dictionary

A Kan Ge
Appears in Zoids Genesis.
She is the leader of the anti-Digald Invincible Group. Her nickname is “Anego” (older sister). She forces Ruuji to become a member of the Invincible Group when he is separated from his companions on a mountain.
Aaron Family F
Appears in Zoids Fuzors episode 17.
Their details are unknown but Kevin, Jay and Shin belong to a crime organisation.
Ace Kroitz Ga
First appeared in Zoids Saga. He supports Prince Athle as one of Arcadia Kingdom’s 3 Beast Warriors. He is a former officer of the Imperial Army.
Active Radar O
Hound Soldier’s equipment. It is also on Orudios and King Liger.
Active Shield N
Moveable shield that comes with the CP-25 Active Shield Unit.
Active Shield Unit N : CP-25
Custom parts for use by small-sized Zoids. The shield support arm moves freely. The active shield set also includes a smoke discharger, a grapple-use Strike Tonfer and a small-type Beam Cannon.
The set is green in colour, however a red version was sold as a Zoid Shop limited in May 2003.
Active Stealth N
Liger Zero’s optical camouflage function.
Adam M
Adam appears in Zoids Battle Thunder Fang volume 2 onwards with a Zoids conversion ability IC chip. He helps develop the Varcha System and inserts it into Thunder Fang’s Zero.
He has a similar personality to one of the developers’ deceased son.
Adams (Captain) W
The hero of Delusional Battle History chapter 2, ”Demon Dragon’s Tempura”. He pilots a Geno Breaker.
He has worked in a deep-fried food shop since retiring from the military.
Adonis Ocean Ga
An ocean in Zoids VS.i.
It touches the Diorne continent but part of it has perilously strong electromagnetic waves. Considering Diorne’s position, Adonis Ocean is possibly the Daras Ocean of the future.
Age Town F
A location in episode 1 of Zoids Fuzors. RD is supposed to deliver gems to this town.
Aguru Ga
Appears in “Zoids VS.i”. He is a first lieutenant of the Imperial Army’s special duty unit (basically a human on the support side). In the past he found a Death Stinger and somehow managed to plot it.
He likes Tabitha.
Ain Ga
A mercenary from the Western Continent who appears in the Zoids2 game. He is piloting a Command Wolf AT during the Republic opening.
After he rescues the main character from the surrounding sleeper Zoids, he is repaid by being accepted into the one o’clock task force.
He rushes to help the König Wolf and Trinity Liger.
Akebo Academy Zoid Club C
From volume 2 of Special Assault!! Zoids Youth Squad. It is a club formed by the children who attend Akebo Academy and like Zoids. On the academy’s campus they play drums and worship an Ultrasaurus made from scrap wood and old tyres.
In the height of Zoids, they go to the battle of the Gold Liger and Shield Liger that is being held in the streets but are pursued by a worried Ms. Ryouko—who as a result gains a large injury after being hit by a blast.
The members’ motto is “Because You Avoid Assault!” and Takeru, who has unjustified resentment towards things, awakens during a battle to see himself through his own eyes and co-operates with the Youth Squad. The boys discover this when the hatch opens and expels air immediately after Deadborder fires its Hyper Beam Cannon.
Aki Isurugi X
He is the pilot of the Shadow Arms Lizard and older brother of Hiro. He is in charge of handling the Shadow Arms Lizard.
It is unknown if he is related to Kei Isurugi from the Battle Card Game.
On the internet and in magazines he is known as Al Isurugi.
Aki Isurugi (Major) Ga
Appears in Zoids Infinity. He is a pilot of a Matrix Dragon in the New Zenebas story mode route 3-7.
It is unknown whether he is the same person as the Aki Isurugi who pilots the Shadow Arms Lizard.
Akutei Ga
Appears in Zoids Saga Fuzors. She is the daughter of the vice-president of the ZiG Corporation and Will’s childhood friend. She is a genius Zoid designer and designed the Victory Liger.
Al Isurugi
→ See Aki Isurugi
Ala Barone CC GF
First appears in the Chaotic Century anime. Ala Barone is a two person group—one wears a red mask and the other a purple mask— also known as the “Barons of Wings”. They pilot Storm Sworders and help Van when he gets in a pinch.
Albane Nimbus Ga
A male character from Zoids VS and Zoids Saga 2. He is the commander and unit leader of the Helic Republic’s prototype experiment platoon, the Blue Unicorn. In the past he worked as a firearm serviceman to the Ultrasaurus.
Albatross O
One of the 9 Gojulas variations. It deals with air battles.
Albe Church Sea O
A sea near Cooper Bay. It was first in History of Zoids.
Albert CC
One of the Crossbow Brothers from Chaotic Century.
Alexandal Ground N
An area in the north of Europa.
Alexander GF
Appears in Guardian Force episode 51 Cerberus. He is a researcher at the Guylos Empire’s Vashkuyard Academy.
Alilah M
Appears in the “ZOIDS BATTLE ANGLE” of Hobby Japan’s June 2005 issue.
Alilah is a customised Leo Striker owned by the hunting army corps “Lion’s Claw”. In Ultimate Mode the back legs are equipped wiht Zan Smashers. Additionally Dispelow’s Metal Crusher Horns are attached to the left and right sides of the body. It’s red in colour.
Alligator Mode B
One of BZ-020 Leo Gator’s modes. As an alligator-type Zoid it deals with underwater battles.
Allstar Ga
The hero of Silver Beast Machine Spirit Liger Zero.
Alma Ga
Appears in Zoids Vs.3.
Alma is the only daughter of ZOITEC’s company president. Due to her upbringing as the company president’s daughter, her character is obedient but proud. The company president disappears during a Zoid test and Alma entrusts Arrow to search for his whereabouts.
Almerhen O
Appears in volume 2 of the old Battle Story. Almerhen is a town beside the Barnum River on the border of the Helic Republic and Zenebas Empire.
In ZAC 2041 there was a battle over the town’s bridge. Lt Col Frost in his custom Iguan Cardinal was successful in securing the bridge.
Alpha (First Lieutenant) O
Appears in History of Zoids.
He is an oceanographer who researches fish but aspires to enlist in the Republic Army. He acts as a coastguard with a customised Furolesios as a high-speed boat.
He was childhood friends with a Sinker pilot from the Zenebas Empire, Fighter Gordon.
In the Zoids group profile in volume one of the Zoids Battle Story, he is introduced as a brave yet loveable man.
Alpha Plan Ga
From Zoids VS.i. It is a plan that the secret society Melchizedek advances with a generator.
During the scenario the only phrase that can be understood is “Organoid reset”. All existing Organoid Systems are halted during this period on Planet Zi. It seems as though the plan is to rewrite the OS so only they can handle it (the exact contents of this plan is unknown).
Alpha Richter F
Appears in Zoids Fuzors. He is Blue City’s new mayor.
Alpha is a man of high aspiration, but in the shadows he forms the Richter Scale and envisions world conquest. Burton joining Savage Hammer as a spy was probably at the instruction of Alpha.
He is actually Sandra’s brother-in-law. Even if Sandra does unreasonable things, he ensures her safety. Furthermore, Luke is his son.
Altbluster O
A Gunbluster that walks on two legs. Appears in the Battle Story.
Alteil NC
The Leader of the secret organisation, the Backdraft Group.
Alteil Plains Ga
An area that appears in Zoids VS.i. It is the first place the hero goes to when the game starts. It is relatively easy to encounter wild Zoids in this region.
Altra Plains F
The place where Mach storm confronts Marvis in Zoids Fuzors episode 10.
Amargasaurus N
One of Brastle Tiger’s Changemize examples. This amargasaurus-type Zoid uses parts from Lord Gale, Diantler and Scissor Storm. It mows down enemies with its thick neck and tail, and since it stands out from head to tail it has excellent form for grapple battles where it can stab the enemy.
Ambient GF
A red Organoid from the Guardian Force anime. It is partners with Hiltz.
Ambitions Ga
A crime organisation in Zoids Saga Fuzors. The leader is Kraun.
Amelia NC
A parts shop work who appears in New Century episode 21. She endures watching Bit strip.
Ammocraft BC
A card from ZBC booster pack 6.
The Republic’s ammonite-type air fort. It is possible to stow two Zoids in the shell.
Anchor N
Equiped on all Zoids that have the ability to fire Charged Particle Guns (CPG). Keeps the Zoid still as it’s essential that a Zoid’s posture is stationary when firing a CPG.
Shadow Fox is also equipped with anchors but their use is unknown, although in the last episode of New Century the Shadow Fox uses its anchors to hold its body still while firing a Vulcan.
By fixing the Zoid to the ground, its accuracy is increased and—in the case of a Zoid being equipped with large weapons—the anchors help to suppress recoil when the weapon’s used.
Ander Sea N
A sea to the north of the Western Continent.
Andrei O
A republican spy who appears in the History of Zoids.
He infiltrates an underground factory belonging to the Zenebas Empire and discovers a gigantic new Zoid. While relaying this to the Republic, his communication suddenly ceases. His fate is unknown. The gigantic Zoid is later identified as “Iron Kong”.
Anna Tarles N BC
First appears in Fan Book 3. She is a pilot of the experimental Death Stinger KFD and Wolff Muroa’s childhood friend. She died by the hand of Ray Gregg.
In the Zoids Official Fan Book 3 ace pilot list, she is a captain belonging to the 13th special task force 2nd secret military corps but in the posthumous writings at the beginning of “Evil Warrior Vs. Ultimate Wild Zoid” she is a 2nd Lieutenant. It is explained that she was promoted because she died in battle.
Anna is also a card in ZBC booster pack 5.
Antares O
A custom Zoid from the old Battle Story. Antares is a scorpion-type. It seems to be bigger than the Guysack.
Anti Zoids Core Wave W
Equipment used by Dark Spiner and Zabat in the Buck vs. Maya webcomic. It produces suspicious electromagnetic-waves.
Aqua Erius N BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 6. A Gun Gyarado pilot of the Guylos Empire.
In Fan Book EX 05 he is a Captain of the Air Force. He pilots the Chimera Command Force’s Storch which is equipped with a Plasma Blade. A fight unfolds between him and a Raynos at low altitudes.
Aqua Kong O
A Kong developed by the Dark Army to have the capability to move underwater. It is equipped with a rocket underwater gun and has the power to sink even an Ultrasaurus.
Aqua Sea O
The sea south-east of the Central Continent.
Aquadon O : RMZ-003
A frog-type Zoid from the early old line. It was one of the Mechabonica.
Aquazoid X
A renamed Aquadon sold in the English ZOIDS2 series. Its float is metallic silver and body’s frame is blue.
It was used as a product for the test sale at the 1998 October Tokyo Game Show before the Zoids resale.
In Hong Kong it was sold as a set with Gurantula, coloured green and yellow-orange. This was the beginning of intense colours being used.
Arashiyama C
A member of the Republic Zoids Youth Squad who appears in Takao Aomori’s Special Assault!! Zoids Youth Squad.
He isn’t close with the heroes. He participates in the custom Zoids Battle Tournament with a customised Gojulas and commits rough play in the preliminary simulation battle race.
Arcadia Kingdom Ga
The kingdom where the hero of Zoids Saga is prince.
Ardennes Forest O
The initial battlefield of the Central Continent War.
Arm Catcher N
Megaleon has this capture-type arm in its mouth.
The arm can expand and contract by manually turning the head dial of the model kit, and an included solider figure can be attached the the chameleon tongue.
Armed Liger BC
A remodelled Liger from the Battle Card game. This custom Shield Liger’s front armour has been strengthened and the assault gatling and beam cannon fire power has been increased.
This card was distributed at events.
Armour Liger M
An example of a remodelled Murasame Liger that appears in CoroCoro comic’s August 2005 issue. It says “the editorial department was thinking about Murasame Liger’s Evolt form”.
This shooting-battle Evolt form is equipped with composite armour and heavy artillery. The cockpit has an armour cover and the whole body has an olive-green coating. The beam cannon and engine cannon on its back can be made from parts similar to the Jagd containers.
It later appeared on Tomy’s offical site: ”Road to a Zoids Customising Master”.
Armoured Leo B
Leo Gator’s Liger mode when combined with Gairyuki’s B-CASs, Hien and Gekkou.
Armoured Stinger C
The Armoured Stinger is a remodelled Death Stinger that appears in the Zoids Customising Manual. It is equipped with a huge drill and caterpillar.
It first shows up in volume 1 chapter 9 of Zoids Battler Thunder Fang.
Armoured Suits O
These are the war-use armour clothes the Imperial-sided Earthlings have in the early days of the old war. They appear in Figure Deluxe Set No.3 and Diorama Base Set SuperDX.
They fit most average-sized soldiers. On the right shoulder is a super bazooka and on the left a missile pod. The fire power of these weapons is boosted by a connecting backpack.
Armoured Wolf F
Armour Wolf appears on the package of the FZ-edition Command Wolf. It is an example of the unison between Command Wolf and Boldguard. Boldguard’s changemize unit is equipped to the Wolf’s back.
Aro Launcher X
An Arosaurer equipped with Cannon Diver’s Beam Cannon and capable of medium distance bombardment. Equipped on its right hand is what appears to be Cannon Diver’s shell—used a a shield.
There is a photo of Aro Launcher in Fan Book 4.
Arosaurer O : RHI-08 N : RZ-067
The Republic Army’s Allosaurus-type Zoid released at the end of the old series.
As a successor to the Godos, it is sent to the Central Continent battle at the centre of the assault unit, but many disappear during the old war and the great disaster. Arosaurer is later mass-produced as a next-era main force Zoid on the Central Continent.
It was resold at the end of April 2003, and in the the Fan Book EX that comes with it, Arosaurer acquires responsibility as escort to the Gojulas Giga.
It’s melee capacity is high and it boasts the highest ability among Zoids of the same class.
Arosaurer BPS F : FZ-009
Appears in Zoids Fuzors. Chao pilots this Peace Keeping Bureau Zoid. The armour’s blue in colour and on its shoulder is a patrol lamp. Incidentally the anime Arosaurus has thicker legs and slight design differences.
In the Zoids VS.3 game it is called “Arosaurer PBS”.
Arosaurer High-Speed Type O
A high-speed specification Arosaurer that is used in the Professor Chester rescue mission. The pursuit-mode development in this Zoid’s data is probably the origin of Gojulas Giga’s pursuit mode. The Zoid’s head is able to act as a separate vehicle.
Arosaurer PBS
→ See Arosaurer BPS.
Arrow Ga
The hero of Zoids Vs.3. A member of the Slashwing Team, he is nicknamed “The Crimson Hurricane”. He disappears form the world of Zoid Battles and becomes an agent undertaking illegal work.
In Zoids Infinity his younger brother Lance—who knows Arrow’s line of work—is introduced to Alma and they become involved in dark battles.
Arrow is also a hidden character in Zoids Struggle.
Arrow Phalanx BC C Ga
Appears in Zoids Battle Card Warrior Commander TERU.
3 Zoids can launch a consecutive melee attack on an enemy Zoid with a certain-death skill worked out by the hero Teru. During play the card is used by Doctor Sonoda.
It is also a deck command in Zoids Saga 2 and was released as a Zoids Battle Card that came in an issue of the CoroCoro magazine.
Artesia Ga
Appears in Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story She is a resident of the Wind Colony where Van lives. She gives a lecture on the game’s battles when you speak with her.
Artesia Field Ga
A Republic Army 2nd Lieutenant from ZOIDS2. She is a high-tension woman.
In the second half of the game she accepts President Camford’s command and registers the Ultrasaurus to the task force affiliated with the republic’s hero.
Arthur Borgman N BC
First seen in Fan Book 2.
Arthur is an old republican ace pilot known as “Leo Master”. His first appearance is in a struggle to the death with Guylos Empire’s Ritz Runstead. He is later killed by a hit from a runaway Death Stinger.
Arthur City O
A city in the northern part of the Helic Republic’s capital.
Ash F
Appears in Zoids Fuzors. He is RD’s father. His whereabouts are unknown since he left on a journey to find the Legendary Zoids.
Assault Armour Tail N B
BZ-023 Savinga’s tail equipment. It becomes leg armour when on Whitz Tiger.
Assault Gatling Unit N : CP-15
A custom part used by Elephander. This missile launcher and gatling cannon set is used in medium-range bombardment and in close-range battle against high-speed Zoids.
Assault Horn O
A Red Horn equipped with Pulse Cannons. Its weapons are strong but this has resulted in bad balance.
Assault König BC
A card from ZBC booster pack 6.
König Wolf’s strengthened shooting version. It is equipped with the CP-22 Dual Sniper Rifle and CP-23 AZ 5-Barrelled Missile Pod.
Assault Seeker N
A crab-type Command Zoid. Its name in the Attack Zoid series is Seabatross.
Assault Unit N : CP-02
Extra equipment for Saber Tiger. A Saber Tiger equipped with this is called the Saber Tiger AT.
Assistance Boosters N
Command Wolf AC’s equipment from the CP-04 Attack Unit. Acceleration boosters that attach to the Wolf’s back legs.
Athle Arcadia Ga
Arcadia Kingdom’s prince and the hero of Zoids Saga.
He is a silent protagonist in his game, but has no trouble talking in Zoids VS and Zoids Saga 2.
Atlas X
An official custom stag beetle-type Zoid from before the Battle Story.
Atory Arcadia
→ See Athle Arcadia.
Atrocious Wolf M
Appears in part B of the January 2002 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.
It is Command Wolf’s final form with heads built into the left and right shoulder armour of the Zoid’s front legs. When the heads are expanding, it transforms to a 3-headed cerberus mode.
Attack Booster Unit N : CP-12
Custom Parts that strengthen the Blade Liger with a booster and a multi-use High Density Beam Cannon.
It also appears in one episode of the anime.
Attack Kong N
A gorilla-type Command Zoid. Its original name in the Attack Zoid series is Silver Kong.
Attack Raynos X
A remodelled Raynos that appears in the Zoids Customising Manual photo story “ZOIDS WARS”.
Its wings have been extended and boosters added. Consequently this Raynos’ movement capability is drastically higher. It is coloured yellow.
Attack Unit N : CP-04
The optimum set for the Command Wolf, consisting of an AZ 2-Barrelled 250mm Long-Range Cannon and Assistance Booster. The Command Wolf force succeeds in upping bombardment power thanks to this equipment.
In May 2003 a modified black and white version was sold as a Zoids Shop limited.
Attack Zoids O
A series of miniature Zoid kits that came with sweets.
The line was later re-released as Command Zoids.
Audhumla Peninsula N
A peninsula located on the western point of the Dark Continent Nyx.
Avignon Ga
Appears in Zoids Apocalypse.
He is an Imperial Commander of the Dark Army. He is a prodigy at the military academy but the game marks his first time in actual combat.
Aware Cat O Ga
A Helcat developed for forced reconnaissance. This Helcat has increased mobility and output, and a strengthened chassis. Additionally detection by enemies has become more difficult due to the improved exhaust port. A radar has been installed on its back.
Its first appearance was on the variation map on the back of the old Helcat kit’s box. The “Aware Cat” name comes from Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story.
Ayn Bridge CC
Appears in Chaotic Century episode 32. Ayn bridge is crossed to get to the Guylos capital Guygalos.
Azz N
Appears in the Zoids Bible that comes with the Zoids Core Box. He is half-Earthling and half-Zoidian.
At the Big Zoids Expo event it was explained that he can use the Earth “Interface Cell” technology.
He is also referred to as “Second”.

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