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Akebo Academy Zoid Club C
From volume 2 of Special Assault!! Zoids Youth Squad. It is a club formed by the children who attend Akebo Academy and like Zoids. On the academy’s campus they play drums and worship an Ultrasaurus made from scrap wood and old tyres.
In the height of Zoids, they go to the battle of the Gold Liger and Shield Liger that is being held in the streets but are pursued by a worried Ms. Ryouko—who as a result gains a large injury after being hit by a blast.
The members’ motto is “Because You Avoid Assault!” and Takeru, who has unjustified resentment towards things, awakens during a battle to see himself through his own eyes and co-operates with the Youth Squad. The boys discover this when the hatch opens and expels air immediately after Deadborder fires its Hyper Beam Cannon.
Arashiyama C
A member of the Republic Zoids Youth Squad who appears in Takao Aomori’s Special Assault!! Zoids Youth Squad.
He isn’t close with the heroes. He participates in the custom Zoids Battle Tournament with a customised Gojulas and commits rough play in the preliminary simulation battle race.
Armoured Stinger C
The Armoured Stinger is a remodelled Death Stinger that appears in the Zoids Customising Manual. It is equipped with a huge drill and caterpillar.
It first shows up in volume 1 chapter 9 of Zoids Battler Thunder Fang.
Arrow Phalanx BC C Ga
Appears in Zoids Battle Card Warrior Commander TERU.
3 Zoids can launch a consecutive melee attack on an enemy Zoid with a certain-death skill worked out by the hero Teru. During play the card is used by Doctor Sonoda.
It is also a deck command in Zoids Saga 2 and was released as a Zoids Battle Card that came in an issue of the CoroCoro magazine.
Eve C
Appears in Hiroshi Obi’s “Zoids Battler Thunder Fang”. Eve is an IC chip that lets people talk with Zoids.
The gigantic enterprise Cosmic Group uses it to reproduce ‘Adam’.
Eve’s ego grows and controls the pilot’s thoughts and movement.
Hidemaro Ayanokouji C
A member of the Republic Zoids Youth Squad who appears in Takao Aomori’s Special Assault!! Zoids Youth Squad.
He wears glasses and pilots a Pteras that has modified wings.
Iron Kong Revised C
This Iron Kong appears in volume 2 of Iron Soul! Zoids Core Arena. Its outward appearance is no different from an ordinary Iron Kong.
This Zoid is used by the Demon Team in the battle for the Infinity System. It is defeated by the Iron Soul Team’s Whitz Tiger.
Iron Kong Tank Version C
Appears in Takao Amori’s Special Assault!! Zoids Youth Squad.
It is a custom Iron Kong that manipulates Ryuu Sameshima. The bottom half of its body has become a tank, increasing its speed and attack power. In descriptions it has been said to be capable of overtaking a Shield Liger.
Irvine N CC GF C
First appears in the Chaotic Century anime. He initially wants to obtain the organoid of the main character, Van, but soon joins the journey as a companion.
His Zoid is a Command Wolf.
In Fan Book 2 he is a mercenary. He becomes the pilot of GTO.
In the comic he pilots a Stealth Viper.
Ivan Chen C
Appears in volume 5 of Ueyama’s Zoids comic. This astronomer is Raven’s father.
His death is caused by a wild Zoid with a virus.
Karl Lichten Schwarz N CC GF C
Appears in the anime, Ueyama’s comic, and the Fan Books. He is a member of the Guylos Empire army. His rank in the Fan Books is major (vol. 1) and lieutenant colonel (vol. 2). In the anime his ranks are major (Chaotic Century) then colonel (Guardian Force).
With origins from the noble Schwarz family, he is opposed to the Proitzen faction.
His Zoids are the Iron Kong SS and Saber Tiger SS. He has a younger brother named Thomas.
Mt Ararat Observatory C
The home of the Chen family (Raven’s family) in Ueyama’s Zoids comic. According to the comics it was destroyed 5 years earlier by a Zoid that was infected with a virus.
Ultimate Zero C
A custom Liger Zero that appears in volume 3 of Zoids Battler Thunder Fang. Thunder Fang use it in a decisive battle with Hells Gate’s organiser Shiryuu Takigawa.
This Zero is equipped with Jäger’s 4 ion boosters and a buster claw.
Ultimate Zoid Master C
This term appears in Yuuji Shiozaki’s “Zoids Planet Zi” volume 3.
A hero of legend who has a body of steel and dances through the sky at the speed of light.
When Kugo was once supposed to have been defeated, he resurrected like the old man of the town said. Somehow his hair colour became pale and his Matrix Dragon grew Buster Eagle’s wings. Volume 3’s front cover has an illustration of Kugo in this state.

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  1. Letters beside the entry titles denote where the entry has appeared in the Zoids universe. Hover over the letter for the full description. Designation numbers of Zoids and custom parts are noted there as well.
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  2. Old Zoids are those released between 1982 and 1990. New Zoids were released after 1999.
  3. All roman numberals are replace with arabic numbers.
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