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Zoids Dictionary

Old Zoids + Old Battle Story

Active Radar O
Hound Soldier’s equipment. It is also on Orudios and King Liger.
Albatross O
One of the 9 Gojulas variations. It deals with air battles.
Albe Church Sea O
A sea near Cooper Bay. It was first in History of Zoids.
Almerhen O
Appears in volume 2 of the old Battle Story. Almerhen is a town beside the Barnum River on the border of the Helic Republic and Zenebas Empire.
In ZAC 2041 there was a battle over the town’s bridge. Lt Col Frost in his custom Iguan Cardinal was successful in securing the bridge.
Alpha (First Lieutenant) O
Appears in History of Zoids.
He is an oceanographer who researches fish but aspires to enlist in the Republic Army. He acts as a coastguard with a customised Furolesios as a high-speed boat.
He was childhood friends with a Sinker pilot from the Zenebas Empire, Fighter Gordon.
In the Zoids group profile in volume one of the Zoids Battle Story, he is introduced as a brave yet loveable man.
Altbluster O
A Gunbluster that walks on two legs. Appears in the Battle Story.
Andrei O
A republican spy who appears in the History of Zoids.
He infiltrates an underground factory belonging to the Zenebas Empire and discovers a gigantic new Zoid. While relaying this to the Republic, his communication suddenly ceases. His fate is unknown. The gigantic Zoid is later identified as “Iron Kong”.
Antares O
A custom Zoid from the old Battle Story. Antares is a scorpion-type. It seems to be bigger than the Guysack.
Aqua Kong O
A Kong developed by the Dark Army to have the capability to move underwater. It is equipped with a rocket underwater gun and has the power to sink even an Ultrasaurus.
Aqua Sea O
The sea south-east of the Central Continent.
Aquadon O : RMZ-003
A frog-type Zoid from the early old line. It was one of the Mechabonica.
Ardennes Forest O
The initial battlefield of the Central Continent War.
Armoured Suits O
These are the war-use armour clothes the Imperial-sided Earthlings have in the early days of the old war. They appear in Figure Deluxe Set No.3 and Diorama Base Set SuperDX.
They fit most average-sized soldiers. On the right shoulder is a super bazooka and on the left a missile pod. The fire power of these weapons is boosted by a connecting backpack.
Arosaurer O : RHI-08 N : RZ-067
The Republic Army’s Allosaurus-type Zoid released at the end of the old series.
As a successor to the Godos, it is sent to the Central Continent battle at the centre of the assault unit, but many disappear during the old war and the great disaster. Arosaurer is later mass-produced as a next-era main force Zoid on the Central Continent.
It was resold at the end of April 2003, and in the the Fan Book EX that comes with it, Arosaurer acquires responsibility as escort to the Gojulas Giga.
It’s melee capacity is high and it boasts the highest ability among Zoids of the same class.
Arosaurer High-Speed Type O
A high-speed specification Arosaurer that is used in the Professor Chester rescue mission. The pursuit-mode development in this Zoid’s data is probably the origin of Gojulas Giga’s pursuit mode. The Zoid’s head is able to act as a separate vehicle.
Arthur City O
A city in the northern part of the Helic Republic’s capital.
Assault Horn O
A Red Horn equipped with Pulse Cannons. Its weapons are strong but this has resulted in bad balance.
Attack Zoids O
A series of miniature Zoid kits that came with sweets.
The line was later re-released as Command Zoids.
Aware Cat O Ga
A Helcat developed for forced reconnaissance. This Helcat has increased mobility and output, and a strengthened chassis. Additionally detection by enemies has become more difficult due to the improved exhaust port. A radar has been installed on its back.
Its first appearance was on the variation map on the back of the old Helcat kit’s box. The “Aware Cat” name comes from Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story.
The Battle of Ardennes O
In October of ZAC 2032 this battle occurred in Ardennes Forest, at the foot of White Rock Mountain.
Whilst it was only a small-scale battle, it was the first clash of Zoids made with Earth technology, which caused an about-turn on the war on Planet Zi.
Dark Army O
The Guylos Empire during the era of the first Inter-Continent War.
Dark Continent O
The homeland of the Guylos Empire. During Planet Zi’s Great Disaster in ZAC 2056 the Dark Continent was partially submerged and split into the continents Nyx and Turk.
Dark Particle Cannon O
A weapon the replaces the Charged Particle Cannon on the Death Alien, the Dark Army’s customised Death Saurer. A horn on the Death Alien’s face absorbs dark particles and fires a beam from it’s mouth.
Dark Zoid Development Department O
The Dark Zoid Development Department is where the Deadborder and other Zoids are made with the Dark Army’s unique technology. The department also remodels Zenebas Zoids.
Darkening Strategy O
Operations that occur during the ZAC 2050s.
With the outbreak of the first Inter-Continent War, the Dark Army suffers a shortage of Zoids due to short preparation time. By using this strategy they improve deployment numbers by adding their unique technology to the captured Zenebas Zoids. Compared to the originals, the performance of these Zoids has been improved by 300–400%.
E-Shield O N
Abbreviation of Energy Shield.
When this kind of power occurs, it forms a barrier that protects against things like beams. It was first used by Shield Liger.
Eindecker (First Lieutenant) O
A Salamander pilot in the Helic Republic Army. He is an airforce ace who plays a large part in the raid of the Zenebas capital.
Eindecker appears in the crew profile of volume one of the Zoids Battle Story.
Eye Flasher O
A custom set sold at the end of the old series. It can illuminate a Zoids cockpit.
Hound Soldier O : RPZ-012 Ge : GZ-04
A shepherd-type Zoid developed by the Republic.
As a high-speed Zoid during the Inter-Continent War, Hound Soldier is equipped with the Cross Sworder—movable swords by its mouth. Also equipped with an active radar, so that it can quickly trap the enemy in super-high-speed battles.
It was later re-released with a GZ number, although it never appeared in the Genesis anime. The GZ version has the body and motor pre-assembled, and the blue colour has been changed to a bright brown.
Ice Blazer O : DPZ-021
An improved Zeekdober.
Model Data
Ice Metal Armour O
Ice Blazer, the strengthened Zeekdober, is equipped with this silver-plated armour. It reflects beams.
Iguan O : EMZ-022 N : EZ-017
A Zoid developed by the Empire to opposed the Republic’s Godos. It is said that the two machines are like sisters, but Iguan excels in coordination ability.
Iguan Anti-Air Spec. O
Appears as a variation on the back of the old Iguan kit box. Both arms of this Iguan are equipped with anti-air cannons and an anti-air radar is installed on its back. Its mobility power is inferior to a normal Iguan because of the larger intakes on the its sides. It has a two-colour desert colouring.
Inter-Cooler O N
Powered engine cooling equipment.
Shield Liger has it equipped all over its body. It makes the Liger capable of high-speed movement that surpasses that of the Sabre Tiger.
Iron Claw O N
God Kaiser’s weapons for fighting.
Storm Sworder is also equipped with the claws, but they can be replaced with a 2-barrelled pulse laser gun.
Iron Hammer Knuckle O N
Iron Kong’s fighting weapon.
Iron Kong O : EPZ-002 N : EZ-015
A gorilla-type Zoid developed by the old Zenebas Empire and later used by the Guylos Empire. The Guylos version has red eyes and a remodelled chest (the old kit uses 1xC battery while the new kit uses 2xAA).
In the old battle story a battle to the death unfolds between the Kong and a Gojulas, resulting in the end of Gojulas’ reign.
After Planet Zi’s great disaster it is the Guylos Empire’s strongest remaining Zoid and the only one able to oppose the Gojulas.
Iron Kong Heavy Battle Type O
Appears in History of Zoids.
Compared to the melee-type Kong, this Kong has good armour is case it is needed to support ht escape of Emperor Zenebas in the final battle. Its joint armour is strengthened and is equipped with a specially made protector. It is completely black. A small beam cannon is attached to its elbow.
Iron Kong Melee Type O
Appears in History of Zoids.
This melee-type Kong is built with lightweight armour that makes manoeuvring easy and its firearms are made from a light metal base to give efficient distribution to its powerful shooting. It has camouflage colouring in grey and dark green.
Iron Kong Mk.2 Limited Type O
An old Iron Kong equipped with beam launcher, booster pack, etc. It has increased mobility.
Iron Kong Mk.2 Limited Type: 21st Northern Army Zoid “White Rock” Spec. O
From the variation map on the back of the old Kong kit box.
This northern district Zoid has strengthened heating. Its outward appearance is similar to that of an ordinary Mk.2, but its whole body is white.
Iron Kong Mk.2 Limited Type: Weapon Development Test Unit Camouflage Spec. O
From the variation map on the back of the old Kong kit box.
This Zoid exists as a test machine for camouflage patterns. The pattern’s effectiveness can be measured by looking at it. It is dark egg-green and dark earth coloured.
Iron Kong Mk.2 Mass Production Type O
This mass-produced Kong has simplified weapons compared to the Iron Kong Mk.2 Limited. A booster has been added on its back and sensors on its shoulders. Its armour is black and inner parts are yellow.
In March 2005 it has a limited reissue through Toy Card.
Iron Kong Mk.2 Mass Production Type: 38th Northern Army “Aurora Rock” Spec. O
From the variation map on the back of the old Kong kit box.
This northern district Zoid has strengthened heating. Its outward appearance is similar to that of an ordinary Mk.2 production type, but its whole body is white.
Iron Kong Mk.2 Mass Production Type: Jungle Warfare Special Unit 5th Central Army Spec. O
From the variation map on the back of the old Kong kit box. This jungle battle-type Kong’s body has tri-colour camouflage. Its outward appearance is similar to that of an ordinary Mk.2 production type.
Iron Wing O
Salamander’s alias in the old war.
Isaac O
Appears in History of Zoids.
As the president’s reliable and warm-hearted First Lieutenant, Isaac is a commanding officer. He participates in the desert battle in ZAC 2018 in a Godos. Afterwards he is promoted to a Major General and becomes a first division republican commander.
He is in the Battle of Blood Rock in ZAC 2036. There he loses his son, First Lt. Kendall.
Jubeat Bay O
A bay located in the south of Jubeat Harbour. There is no war in this area.
From the battle story.
Jubeat Harbour O
A harbour located near the Zenebas imperial capital in the south of the empire’s territory on the central continent.
During the Battle of Florecio Ocean, like Miebaross Harbour to the east, it is a departure location for Brachios and Wardick fleets.
Night Storch O Ga
A storch that uses an early warning system. A radome is mounted on its back and its colouring has been changed to black. Because it’s a small-type Zoid, it is inferior to the republic’s Black Bird (a night-battle Salamander).
Originally from the variation map on the back of the old Storch kit’s box. The Night Storch name is used in Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story.
Orudios O : RPZ-018
A pegasus-type Zoid of the reborn Republic Army.
The first Orudios miraculously defeats the invincible Gilvader on the dark continent, but it is self-destructed to keep secret that it also suffered fatal damage.
Later it prevents a change in the course of the war when the mass-produced Gun Gyarado appears.
Orudios Marine O
An Orudios modified for underwater battle in order to protect the republic army’s secret seafloor base.
It intercepts the Death Depths—the attacking dark army’s custom Death Saurer— then immediately retreats to attack the invading Gun Gyarado.
Sabre Ear O
A sensor (sonar?) equipped to Sabre Tiger’s ears.
It can pick up noises 1km away and its power is utilised in night battles.
Sabre Tiger O : EPZ-003
The first genuine high-speed Zoid developed by the old Zenebas Empire.
The performance it boasts completely changes the tactics used by Zoids up until then and later on a wide variety of high-speed Zoids are developed using the Sabre Tiger as reference.
The version of this Zoid in the new line is called Saber Tiger.
Yellow Star O
From History of Zoids. Yellow Star is a flashy Pagasuarus that has been painted yellow.
At the beginning of the Central Continent War it is piloted by ace pilots. Later during the central assault, this kind of flashy appearance disappears.
Yeti Kong O
A custom Kong developed by Command Echo for battle in cold districts. The data from this experiment is inherited by Iron Kong Mk.2.

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