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Zoids Dictionary


Alligator Mode B
One of BZ-020 Leo Gator’s modes. As an alligator-type Zoid it deals with underwater battles.
Armoured Leo B
Leo Gator’s Liger mode when combined with Gairyuki’s B-CASs, Hien and Gekkou.
Assault Armour Tail N B
BZ-023 Savinga’s tail equipment. It becomes leg armour when on Whitz Tiger.
Code X B
From the NeoBLOX story. It is the fusion code required to form Bite Griffon.

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  1. Letters beside the entry titles denote where the entry has appeared in the Zoids universe. Hover over the letter for the full description. Designation numbers of Zoids and custom parts are noted there as well.
    Eg: Blade Liger N : RZ-028
  2. Old Zoids are those released between 1982 and 1990. New Zoids were released after 1999.
  3. All roman numberals are replace with arabic numbers.
    Eg: Globally 3, Gojulas Mk.2 (instead of Globally III, Gojulas Mk-II)
  4. When titles start with 'the', it is ignored (“The Devil’s Maze” apears under D).
  5. People are sorted by first name (if known), with titles in brackets at the end.
  6. Some titles have a dashed underline. hover over them to see the Japanese title (mostly for games/comics/etc that were never released in English).
    Eg: Delusional Battle History