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Ace Kroitz Ga
First appeared in Zoids Saga. He supports Prince Athle as one of Arcadia Kingdom’s 3 Beast Warriors. He is a former officer of the Imperial Army.
Adonis Ocean Ga
An ocean in Zoids VS.i.
It touches the Diorne continent but part of it has perilously strong electromagnetic waves. Considering Diorne’s position, Adonis Ocean is possibly the Daras Ocean of the future.
Aguru Ga
Appears in “Zoids VS.i”. He is a first lieutenant of the Imperial Army’s special duty unit (basically a human on the support side). In the past he found a Death Stinger and somehow managed to plot it.
He likes Tabitha.
Ain Ga
A mercenary from the Western Continent who appears in the Zoids2 game. He is piloting a Command Wolf AT during the Republic opening.
After he rescues the main character from the surrounding sleeper Zoids, he is repaid by being accepted into the one o’clock task force.
He rushes to help the König Wolf and Trinity Liger.
Aki Isurugi (Major) Ga
Appears in Zoids Infinity. He is a pilot of a Matrix Dragon in the New Zenebas story mode route 3-7.
It is unknown whether he is the same person as the Aki Isurugi who pilots the Shadow Arms Lizard.
Akutei Ga
Appears in Zoids Saga Fuzors. She is the daughter of the vice-president of the ZiG Corporation and Will’s childhood friend. She is a genius Zoid designer and designed the Victory Liger.
Albane Nimbus Ga
A male character from Zoids VS and Zoids Saga 2. He is the commander and unit leader of the Helic Republic’s prototype experiment platoon, the Blue Unicorn. In the past he worked as a firearm serviceman to the Ultrasaurus.
Allstar Ga
The hero of Silver Beast Machine Spirit Liger Zero.
Alma Ga
Appears in Zoids Vs.3.
Alma is the only daughter of ZOITEC’s company president. Due to her upbringing as the company president’s daughter, her character is obedient but proud. The company president disappears during a Zoid test and Alma entrusts Arrow to search for his whereabouts.
Alpha Plan Ga
From Zoids VS.i. It is a plan that the secret society Melchizedek advances with a generator.
During the scenario the only phrase that can be understood is “Organoid reset”. All existing Organoid Systems are halted during this period on Planet Zi. It seems as though the plan is to rewrite the OS so only they can handle it (the exact contents of this plan is unknown).
Alteil Plains Ga
An area that appears in Zoids VS.i. It is the first place the hero goes to when the game starts. It is relatively easy to encounter wild Zoids in this region.
Ambitions Ga
A crime organisation in Zoids Saga Fuzors. The leader is Kraun.
Arcadia Kingdom Ga
The kingdom where the hero of Zoids Saga is prince.
Arrow Ga
The hero of Zoids Vs.3. A member of the Slashwing Team, he is nicknamed “The Crimson Hurricane”. He disappears form the world of Zoid Battles and becomes an agent undertaking illegal work.
In Zoids Infinity his younger brother Lance—who knows Arrow’s line of work—is introduced to Alma and they become involved in dark battles.
Arrow is also a hidden character in Zoids Struggle.
Arrow Phalanx BC C Ga
Appears in Zoids Battle Card Warrior Commander TERU.
3 Zoids can launch a consecutive melee attack on an enemy Zoid with a certain-death skill worked out by the hero Teru. During play the card is used by Doctor Sonoda.
It is also a deck command in Zoids Saga 2 and was released as a Zoids Battle Card that came in an issue of the CoroCoro magazine.
Artesia Ga
Appears in Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story She is a resident of the Wind Colony where Van lives. She gives a lecture on the game’s battles when you speak with her.
Artesia Field Ga
A Republic Army 2nd Lieutenant from ZOIDS2. She is a high-tension woman.
In the second half of the game she accepts President Camford’s command and registers the Ultrasaurus to the task force affiliated with the republic’s hero.
Athle Arcadia Ga
Arcadia Kingdom’s prince and the hero of Zoids Saga.
He is a silent protagonist in his game, but has no trouble talking in Zoids VS and Zoids Saga 2.
Avignon Ga
Appears in Zoids Apocalypse.
He is an Imperial Commander of the Dark Army. He is a prodigy at the military academy but the game marks his first time in actual combat.
Aware Cat O Ga
A Helcat developed for forced reconnaissance. This Helcat has increased mobility and output, and a strengthened chassis. Additionally detection by enemies has become more difficult due to the improved exhaust port. A radar has been installed on its back.
Its first appearance was on the variation map on the back of the old Helcat kit’s box. The “Aware Cat” name comes from Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story.
Corenoid Ga
Appears in Cyberdrive Zoids.
A Corenoid is a human that is implanted within a Zoid’s core. They can more easily synchronise with the Zoid and draw out 100% of its ability.
Hugh and Loki are Corenoids in the game.
Iguan PB Ga
A customised Iguan equipped with a Pile Banker. It appears in the Zoids2 game.
Ion Booster Full Charge Ga
Liger Zero’s certain-death ability in Zoids2. Its referred to as the Mirage Fang on KMF Berserk Führer’s box.
Iron Drill Ga
A customised Zoid that appears in Zoids Saga 2. This remodelled Iron Kong is a blue-purple mandrill-type Zoid. Weapons include the high-output beam bazooka on its right shoulder.
Iron Kong PK MS Ga
First appeared in Zoids Vs.2.
This PK is Mary Champ’s personal Zoid. In the anime its weapons are like the PK’s. In Zoids Tactics the shoulder’s beam launcher was changed for a beam gatling.
Iron Kong RM Ga
Appears in Zoids Tactics. It is a Republican Iron Kong.
This Kong’s canopy is orange and the armour painted with a blue scheme.
Iron Kong ZM Ga
The name of the Zenebas version of the Iron Kong in games.
It was called the Iron Kong OLD in Zoids Vs.3.
Iselina Cave Ga
Appears in Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story. These caves are in Iselina Forest. The light-avoiding plant Seiria grows here.
Iselina Forest Ga
A forest in Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story. Van goes to the forest to get a Seiria plant. A Mad Thunder sleeps there later in the game.
Due of the name, it is possible this forest is on the outskirts of Mt. Iselina, where Rosa lives.
Juno Hera Ga
Appears in Zoids Saga 2. She meets Zell when he is dragged into the time-space warp.
She has no memories of the past, but is being targeted by the mysterious Terra Geist organisation.
The truth is that Juno is the Zenebas Empire’s trump card from before the Empire’s ruin. She is an artificial being with ancient Zoidian genes. Her genes also include the Death Saurer factor, giving her the power to control the Death Saurer.
Night Storch O Ga
A storch that uses an early warning system. A radome is mounted on its back and its colouring has been changed to black. Because it’s a small-type Zoid, it is inferior to the republic’s Black Bird (a night-battle Salamander).
Originally from the variation map on the back of the old Storch kit’s box. The Night Storch name is used in Evil God’s Revival! Geno Breaker Story.
Ultimate Phalanx Ga
A custom Zoid that appears in Zoids Saga 2. It is a remodelled Ultrasaurus loaded with a close-range weapon called the 3-barrelled large-calibre close-range cannon.
Ultimate Strong Horn Ga
Cyclops I equipment. It is a long horn on its head.
Undertaker Ga
Undertaker is a dark blue and grey Geno Hydra (KA) pilots by the junk shop’s Nero.
Appears in Cyberdrive Zoids.
Valley of the Red Earth Ga
A place in Silver Beast Machine Spirit Liger Zero. One must go through this place to get to the historic ruin where the Silver Beast Machine’s Jäger CAS lies.
It is called a valley, but is actually a giant crack in the earth’s crust.
Yaw Cotta Ga
A pilot who appears in republic route 2-1 of the story mode of Zoids Infinity.
He is a warrant officer who pilots the Liger Zero.
Zoids Saga Ga
An RPG game for the Game Boy Advance, released in 2001. The main character is Athle.

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