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Aki Isurugi X
He is the pilot of the Shadow Arms Lizard and older brother of Hiro. He is in charge of handling the Shadow Arms Lizard.
It is unknown if he is related to Kei Isurugi from the Battle Card Game.
On the internet and in magazines he is known as Al Isurugi.
Aquazoid X
A renamed Aquadon sold in the English ZOIDS2 series. Its float is metallic silver and body’s frame is blue.
It was used as a product for the test sale at the 1998 October Tokyo Game Show before the Zoids resale.
In Hong Kong it was sold as a set with Gurantula, coloured green and yellow-orange. This was the beginning of intense colours being used.
Aro Launcher X
An Arosaurer equipped with Cannon Diver’s Beam Cannon and capable of medium distance bombardment. Equipped on its right hand is what appears to be Cannon Diver’s shell—used a a shield.
There is a photo of Aro Launcher in Fan Book 4.
Atlas X
An official custom stag beetle-type Zoid from before the Battle Story.
Attack Raynos X
A remodelled Raynos that appears in the Zoids Customising Manual photo story “ZOIDS WARS”.
Its wings have been extended and boosters added. Consequently this Raynos’ movement capability is drastically higher. It is coloured yellow.
Giga Buster X
A Gojulas Giga whose fire power is drastically strengthen by 4 of Buster Eagle’s Buster Cannons. For some reason the cannons are back-facing.
There is a photo of Giga Buster in Fan Book 4.
Iron Breaker X
A grey custom Iron Kong that appears in the Zoids Customising Manual. It has large shoulder armour.
Iron Kong (Zoids2) X
This Iron Kong is the Zoids2 version sold in Europe. The armour on its head, belly and the back of its hands is chromed. The arm armour is black. On it shoulders are scroll-like stickers.
Before the Zoids revival, it was a test sale at the Tokyo Game Show in October 1998.
This Kong was the first to have the changed battery specifications (1xC → 2xAA).
Iron Kong Evolutioner X
A remote controlled Kong announced as a trial product at 2002’s Tokyo Toy Show and Tokyo Game Show. Plans for possible 2– and 4–legged walking modes were announced with a probably price at the time being ¥29800.
One was a prize in Dengeki Hobby Magazine’s August 2002 “SMACK! Zoids” comic Iron Soul! Zoids Core Arena.
Iron Kong Laser Custom X
A concept sketch for custom parts.
The Kong’s missile weapons have all been exchanged for high-output laser cannons. A large laser cannon and high-output generator are loaded on the right and left shoulder overhangs.
Isurugi Family X
Talked about in the writing on the Shadow Arms Lizard’s kit box. A family that, generation-after-generation, leads the republic’s MP Spy unit.
Aki and Hiro Isurugi are brothers in this family, but it is unknown if Kei Isurugi and Takuma Isurugi-Sanders from the battle cards are also part of the same family.
Jäger Unit Limited Plated Coating Version X
A chromed Jäger unit. The chrome colour is the same as the original mold colour. It was distributed as a custom contest prize.
The Red Devil X
The title of the Delusional Battle History written of Fire Fox’s kit box.
Ninetail, the 9th Fire Fox unit developed to cooperate with the Cannoneer Gordos, was snatched by the Empire. The next day it stood before the Republic Army, says the story.
It is not in the webcomic.

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  2. Old Zoids are those released between 1982 and 1990. New Zoids were released after 1999.
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