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Zoids Dictionary

Battle Card Game

Ammocraft BC
A card from ZBC booster pack 6.
The Republic’s ammonite-type air fort. It is possible to stow two Zoids in the shell.
Anna Tarles N BC
First appears in Fan Book 3. She is a pilot of the experimental Death Stinger KFD and Wolff Muroa’s childhood friend. She died by the hand of Ray Gregg.
In the Zoids Official Fan Book 3 ace pilot list, she is a captain belonging to the 13th special task force 2nd secret military corps but in the posthumous writings at the beginning of “Evil Warrior Vs. Ultimate Wild Zoid” she is a 2nd Lieutenant. It is explained that she was promoted because she died in battle.
Anna is also a card in ZBC booster pack 5.
Aqua Erius N BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 6. A Gun Gyarado pilot of the Guylos Empire.
In Fan Book EX 05 he is a Captain of the Air Force. He pilots the Chimera Command Force’s Storch which is equipped with a Plasma Blade. A fight unfolds between him and a Raynos at low altitudes.
Armed Liger BC
A remodelled Liger from the Battle Card game. This custom Shield Liger’s front armour has been strengthened and the assault gatling and beam cannon fire power has been increased.
This card was distributed at events.
Arrow Phalanx BC C Ga
Appears in Zoids Battle Card Warrior Commander TERU.
3 Zoids can launch a consecutive melee attack on an enemy Zoid with a certain-death skill worked out by the hero Teru. During play the card is used by Doctor Sonoda.
It is also a deck command in Zoids Saga 2 and was released as a Zoids Battle Card that came in an issue of the CoroCoro magazine.
Arthur Borgman N BC
First seen in Fan Book 2.
Arthur is an old republican ace pilot known as “Leo Master”. His first appearance is in a struggle to the death with Guylos Empire’s Ritz Runstead. He is later killed by a hit from a runaway Death Stinger.
Assault König BC
A card from ZBC booster pack 6.
König Wolf’s strengthened shooting version. It is equipped with the CP-22 Dual Sniper Rifle and CP-23 AZ 5-Barrelled Missile Pod.
Eiger Leonard BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 5. He is a Saber Tiger pilot in Blitz Orbit. He excels at battles in mountainous areas.
In Fan Book 3’s ace pilot list he is listed as a Major of the Eisen Dragoons who likes the nimble Diloforce.
Ein Stierkampf BC
An imperial Saix pilot from ZBC booster pack 4. In Fan Book 3’s ace pilot list he is a Major in the First Special Construction Group’s fastest battalion. As a genuine Guylos national, he is an army elite.
He chases the whereabouts of the Eisen Dragoons and appears like a phantom.
Idun Ent BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 4. She is a Molga pilot from the Guylos Empire.
In Fan Book 3’s ace pilot list she is listed as a Sergeant Major who belongs to the 2nd Armoured Division’s 1st Assault Battalion. This group’s job is to protect the Nyx mainland from the landing Republic Army.
Johann Holst Schtauffen N BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 3. A Helcat pilot of the Guylos Empire.
According to Fan Book 3’s ace pilot list he has ace-ranking as a high-speed Zoid pilot but—due to his Zenebas origins—he is not given new Zoids. He is a sergeant of the special task force’s independent 88th high-speed combat battalion.
In Fan Book 4 he appears as an assassin attempting to kill Hermann and Schwarz. Piloting a Liger Zero X, he scraps Schwarz’s Saber Tiger, but is distracted by the Mad Thunder and killed at point-blank-range by the sniper rifle of Hermann’s König Wolf.
Knight Baikern BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 5. He is a Liger Zero pilot for the Helic Republic.
In Fan Book 3’s ace pilot list he is a Sergeant Major who belongs to the Ray Force 1st battalion. He prefers to use the Liger’s base form.
After Arthur Borgman’s death, he becomes a Leo Master candidate.
In the story serialised in CoroCoro comics, there is no mention of Ray Gregg, and Knight receives the main character treatment. He also exchanges words with Wolff.
Yunia Corelin BC
Appears in ZBC booster pack 4.
She is an Orudios pilot for the Helic Republic.

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