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Adam M
Adam appears in Zoids Battle Thunder Fang volume 2 onwards with a Zoids conversion ability IC chip. He helps develop the Varcha System and inserts it into Thunder Fang’s Zero.
He has a similar personality to one of the developers’ deceased son.
Alilah M
Appears in the “ZOIDS BATTLE ANGLE” of Hobby Japan’s June 2005 issue.
Alilah is a customised Leo Striker owned by the hunting army corps “Lion’s Claw”. In Ultimate Mode the back legs are equipped wiht Zan Smashers. Additionally Dispelow’s Metal Crusher Horns are attached to the left and right sides of the body. It’s red in colour.
Armour Liger M
An example of a remodelled Murasame Liger that appears in CoroCoro comic’s August 2005 issue. It says “the editorial department was thinking about Murasame Liger’s Evolt form”.
This shooting-battle Evolt form is equipped with composite armour and heavy artillery. The cockpit has an armour cover and the whole body has an olive-green coating. The beam cannon and engine cannon on its back can be made from parts similar to the Jagd containers.
It later appeared on Tomy’s offical site: ”Road to a Zoids Customising Master”.
Atrocious Wolf M
Appears in part B of the January 2002 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.
It is Command Wolf’s final form with heads built into the left and right shoulder armour of the Zoid’s front legs. When the heads are expanding, it transforms to a 3-headed cerberus mode.
Ernest Tarman M
Appears in HJEX’s “ZOIDS: Original Story Z-Knight Battles”. In volume 4 “Test…”, he seals a contract with Jack to order tests of 5 Zoid parts.
There seems to be no army in this world, but he wants to organise one.
It is said that in the past Ernest left Gai’s group behind on a battlefield. 5 years earlier, this ruthless man beheaded the commander of a mercenary unit.
Ultimate Liger M
Appears in part B of Dengeki Hobby Magazine’s February 2002 “SMACK! Zoids” issue.
It is a prototype wild Zoid developed for the Guylos Army’s “U Operation”. It generally resembles a Liger Zero’s body but some details are different.
Yuu M
A young boy who is Senka’s assistant.
Appears in Zoids Generations in the November 2005 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.

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  1. Letters beside the entry titles denote where the entry has appeared in the Zoids universe. Hover over the letter for the full description. Designation numbers of Zoids and custom parts are noted there as well.
    Eg: Blade Liger N : RZ-028
  2. Old Zoids are those released between 1982 and 1990. New Zoids were released after 1999.
  3. All roman numberals are replace with arabic numbers.
    Eg: Globally 3, Gojulas Mk.2 (instead of Globally III, Gojulas Mk-II)
  4. When titles start with 'the', it is ignored (“The Devil’s Maze” apears under D).
  5. People are sorted by first name (if known), with titles in brackets at the end.
  6. Some titles have a dashed underline. hover over them to see the Japanese title (mostly for games/comics/etc that were never released in English).
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